Ceiling design ideas will add great detail to your home.  You can add distinctive detail to your ceiling and add interest to your home. Some of the ways you can add interest to your ceiling designs is by installing mouldings, paint treatments, murals, lighting and soffits. 

Below are photos that were taken from some of the new homes we have worked on.  


This kitchen ceiling was designed to emulate the shape of the island counter.


This is a Step ceiling in a two story foyer. It makes you look up and notice the awe-inspiring chandelier with crystals.



 The photos above and below show a lot of  beautiful wood work and detail on an arched ceiling.  This family room felt cold before we designed and detailed the ceiling design ideas.  Wonderful architectural detailing is shown in this beautiful ceiling. 




 This stepped coffered ceiling design was used in a traditional home office.



 This coffered ceiling was painted light blue and white for a feminine look in a ladies dressing room.



 The ceiling design in this log cabin home theater is made up of fiber optics that are made to look like constellations. There is even a meteor that races across the ceiling every so often.  Everything is made to look like you are sitting outside of the log cabin.  


 The beamed ceiling design was installed to accentuate the shape of the ceiling. 


In this award-winning design we used multi-piece crown mouldings to give amazing detail to the stepped ceiling design.


 This client used a white painted coffered ceiling in their great room.

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