New Luxury Frisco TX Home

2023  brings along new trends for luxury home interior design.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

I design the master bath using computer-aided design to show the client would be able to visualize her space.

There are 10 interior design trends for your new luxury home.

1.  Luxury spa-like bathrooms
2.  Large walk-in closets using beautifully designed shelves and cabinets.
3.  New colors for the kitchen, not just all white.
4.  Black appliances
5.  Black walls for a dramatic look
6.  Media rooms with lots of comfortable seating
7.  New landscaping and lighting ideas for your garden courtyard.
8.  Wine cellars that are spacious and usable
9.  Unique outdoor rooms
10.  Indoor and outdoor water features

Luxury spa-like bathrooms will continue to trend in 2023.

Some modern bathrooms will have large windows and wonderful views.  The oversized shower with various water heads and even steam showers in the bathroom are becoming more popular.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

I designed this spa like master bathroom with 3D rendering.

Large walk-in closets will also continue to be popular.

They will now use stylish wood furniture for storage.  These stylishly decorated dressing rooms will be great additions to the luxury home.

New color trends for the luxury kitchen are toward less bold and subtler hues. The all-white kitchens that we saw over and over in 2015 will no longer be trending. Instead, there will be a more soothing home atmosphere with relaxing colors such as grey-greens, silver blues, tobacco browns, and fresh mint. Luxury homeowners will have more fun with colors instead of taking the safe route of all-white.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

This is a 3D rendering of a kitchen for one of my clients.


Dark-painted walls are becoming more popular.   For this client, we painted this small front room in dark brown to give this wine lounge a different feel. The rest of the house has lighter walls. This added drama to the space and allowed for an exciting backdrop for the artwork.  This photo is a 3D rendering to show the client the results.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

This is a 3D rendering to show how to change a small dining room into a conversation/wine lounge.

Dark brown is a very luxurious color that makes for a very dramatic background in a room.  Brown works well as an accent wall in a large space on a ceiling as in the 3D rendering below.  

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

I design this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug, and accessories.

Media rooms that have comfortable seating

As recliners or sofas add luxury and fun to your home. An interior designer can help you add posters, a popcorn machine, candy dispensers, and pillows to add more fun and flavor to your room.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

Down-filled theater seating

Landscaping and outdoor lighting ideas can dramatically change a home from plain to luxurious.  A trend for 2023 is having a garden designed to be in the middle courtyard of your new home.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

I design this backyard with a Photorealistic 3D rendering.

Unique outdoor rooms

As wooden or iron gazebos for entertaining, attractive garden house designs, and even tree/playhouses for the children will add interest to your luxury home.

These outdoor rooms can be decorated with built-in fireplaces, summer kitchens, interesting and unique seating areas, fire pits, and climbing flowering plants.  This will personalize your yard and increase your home value.

Indoor and outdoor water features, spacious patios, and large decks are all trends for 2016.  These luxury home design trends connect the outdoor room with the home interior and allow you to connect to nature in style.

Spacious wine cellars

They have room for a table and chairs that will add interest to your home. If you add stone to the walls in your wine cellar, it will add exciting detail and texture.


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