There are a lot of interior designers in the Dallas area and deciding on the right one can be a daunting task. I hope these steps help you find the best Dallas interior designer for your project.


  1. Do an internet search for interior designers in your area.
  2. Look at their portfolio and see if you like what they do. Look to see if they do different looks.
  3. Can they create a special environment just for you?.
  4. How much experience do they have?.
  5. Are they a professional member of ASID American Society of Interior Designers)? Have they past the NCIDQ exam?.
  6. Read their reviews. What do their clients say?.
  7. Interview more than one designer to see how their personallity works with yours. Do they ask questions to find out what YOU like?.
  8. Can they handle all parts of your project (furniture, window coverings, accessories, purchasing, ordering, delivery, setup, service, architectural design and remodeling)?.
  9. Find out how they work and read their contract.
  10. How do they buy furniture? Do they have the ability to save you money?.






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