There are many luxury homes in Dallas TX, new and existing, that are being decorated.

Dallas TX is one of the most wealthy cities in the United States and there are many luxury homes. Decorating a luxury home is very complicated and there are questions you should ask yourself.

high end dining room


  1. What is available in luxury traditional furniture? see this blog post High End Traditional Furniture & Luxury Interior Design
  2. Where do you find the best high end traditional furniture? see this blog post                                                                           Interior Designers Dallas, Source for High End Traditional Furniture                                                                                                   Italian high end dining table                            Formal high end traditional furniture                  casual high end traditional furniture                           Casual high end traditional furniture                             
  3. What to expect from a luxury interior designer Dallas TX ? see this blog post  Luxury Interior Designer Dallas TX – What should you expect.
  4. Why is it important to add designer draperies to your home? see this post Designer Custom Draperies in Dallas Texas – Style, Beauty and Softness
  5. What do the best Dallas interior designers offer? see this post The Top Dallas Interior Design Firms offer the Best Service & Products
  6. How do I determine a color scheme? A color scheme should be based on what colors you like. It should also be about how you want to feel in each room. Color will affect how you feel. For example, blue is a good color for a bedroom because it makes you feel relaxed. Color trends are fine if you want to change your colors often. Color trends get over done and people quickly get tired of them.
  7. Can I mix my existing traditional furniture with a new transitional look? Yes, but you should get the help of professional interior designer.
  8. How do I avoid decorating mistakes? By working with an experienced top interior designer.
  9. How much will it cost to furnish my Dallas TX luxury home? After asking you a lot questions about what you want, a professional interior designer should be able to give you a pretty close estimate.
  10. Should I follow a design trend or be a trend setter? It’s up to you, but I don’t think your home should look like your neighbors or a designers favorite look.
  11. What should I look for in a piece of high quality furniture? see this post What makes up a Great Piece of High Quality Furniture?                   modern high end furniture                                     Modern high end furniture                                 
  12. What does it take to be one of the Best Interior Designers? see this blog post Here are 5 things that show what it takes to be one of the Best Interior Designers
  13. What goes into the making of a the best high end sofas? see this blog post The Best High End Sofas – Comfortable, Well Made & Great Styling     high end leather sofa                                  High end leather sofa                                            
  14. How do I decorate my two story windows? see this blog post Two Story Window Treatments can add Beauty and Detail to your Home                                                                                                         luxury designer custom draperies        Custom draperies that complement the homes architecture      
  15. How do I decorate my foyer? see this blog post 6 Foyer Decorating Ideas that add Beauty and Function to your Entry                                                                                                          two story foyer decorating ideas                                                                                                                                I hope this answers some of your questions about luxury interior design in Dalllas TX.                                                                                                                                         

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