There are a lot of people furnishing new luxury homes in Frisco TX

Frisco is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. People are coming from all over the United States to move into new homes in Frisco TX. When you move into a new home there are a lot of decorating decisions to make. It is hard to think of everything, so here is a list of some things to consider.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

I design this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug and accessories.


These are questions you should ask yourself when decorating luxury homes in Frisco TX

  1. How will I use each room? The first thing you should think about is function. Who will use the room and how will they use it?
  2. How do I determine a color scheme? A color scheme should be based on what you like and how you want to feel in each room. Color will affect how you feel. For example,  blue is a good color for a bedroom because it makes you feel peaceful. Color trends are not always a good idea, because they get over done and people quickly get tired of them.
  3. What furniture can I use from my old house? A professional interior designer will make a detailed floor plan of your home and will be able to determine what pieces will fit. 
  4. What design style do I like? Look at model homes, magazines and online (interior designer websites).
  5. Can I mix some of my old traditional furniture with a new transitional look? Yes, but you should get the help of an experienced interior designer.
  6. How do I avoid decorating mistakes? By having a detailed decorating plan.
  7. How do I find the best Frisco TX interior designer? Look at designer websites. Do they have more than one look or do you get what they like? Also read reviews from previous clients and interview more than one to see how they work.
  8. How much does it cost to furnish my new Frisco TX luxury home? After asking you questions about what you want, an experienced interior designer should be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate.
  9. Should I follow design trends or be a trend setter? It’s up to you, but I believe your home should be unique to you.
  10. How can I make my home beatiful without spending a fortune? This is another area where a detailed decorating plan is important. This way you can plan what is important to spend more money on and what items you can spend less. You might spend more on a sofa and save on pieces that don’t show up as much.
  11. How do I protect my furniture from sun damage? Please read this blog. How do I protect my luxury home furnishings from the Texas sun damage?
  12. How do I make my home a luxury retreat? 
  13. How do I decorate my 2 story foyer? Please read this blog.  Two Story Foyer Decorating Ideas that will make your Entry Spectacular
  14. What is the best way to purchase furniture? 
  15. What is new in window treatments? Simpler draperies, beautiful shades for every use and power window treatments.
  16. Where do I find decorating ideas? Designer websites – Houzz
  17. Do I need a detailed decorating plan? Only if you want to avoid decorating mistakes.
  18. How do I give my luxury home the “WOW” factor?  Please read this blog. Dramatic Interior Design – How to give it the “WOW” Factor
  19. Where do I put my TV for best viewing? Usually near the fireplace. You want to group your focal points together.
  20. How do I find the best quality furniture?  Please read this blog.  What Everybody Ought to Know About Selecting Quality Furniture 

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