There are several new interior design trends for the North Dallas area. Texas designers are seeing a lot of large great rooms and outdoor spaces where a family can gather and enjoy each others company.  This provides a larger than life feeling and a bold statement when you come into the home.

2017 Interior Design Trends and Colors for North Dallas-994031-edited.jpg

According to Furniture Today’s Furnishing the Transformed Home survey, 48% of the respondents spend most of their time in the great room/living room.  The living room has open, larger square footage and is sometimes multipurpose.  Upholstery is seen as a necessary expenditure with clients needing sofas, sectionals, sleepers and chairs.

The second design trend is adding a touch of glamour to your North Dallas home.  You can do this in many ways and a professional interior designer can help you with this.

2017 Interior Design Trends and Colors for North Dallas Glamour-515249-edited.jpg

Technology in the motion seating category has also become more important.  Many respondents from the Furniture Today survey said they would like to purchase furniture that integrates technology.  This includes cup holders, charging capabilities, built-in micro tales for snacks or homework. Since 67% of the Millennials charge their electronic devices in the bedroom, charging areas are being built into many bedroom furniture pieces. This serves their needs and serves more than one purpose.

Another noteworthy trend for 2017 is to have more natural light in your Texas home.  This also makes it easier to see outdoors and enjoy the view.  There are many beautiful outdoor areas with pretty patios and outdoor kitchens.

North Dallas outdoor living-877764-edited.jpg

This is an outdoor living space that we just finished in North Dallas.

When consumers were asked what they could add to their homes, 33% said it was the outdoor living area.  More people are living outdoors as much as possible with outdoor fireplaces being much more important. 





33% of the survey respondents plan to buy outdoor furniture over the next 12 months.  Many want to coordinate their design options between their indoor and outdoor spaces.  Interior designers can help you with fabric selections. 

People are blending in the warmth of natural materials and textures. This makes for a more livable and warmer environments.

Another trend that is becoming more popular is repurposing the dining room.  It is becoming much less formal and more functional and multi-purpose.  Some clients want to turn their formal dining room into a play or work space the rest of the year because they only use it once or twice a year on holidays. Others take out the unused dining table and instead put in 4 comfortable chairs around a round table, turning it into a wine room or conversation area.  

Dining room to Conversation wine room-532525-edited-567220-edited.jpg The room above was formerly the dining room. The clients use it much more now.  It is comfortable and a nice conversation area.  We also placed a gorgeous wine cabinet on one side of the room.


Greenery was the color chosen as Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year.  It is a bright and energetic hue which is inspired by nature.  

It is also a color that easily coordinates with many other colors.  Complementary colors include bright blues, navy, coral, bright pinks and acidic yellow.  It also goes well with soft pinks, creams and whites. 

Pantone which picked Greenery as the color of the year says Greenery represents new beginnings.  This is a great opportunity to move forward with new ideas and try out ideas that may have been on the back burner.  

This color will probably be used more as an accent color on chairs, throw pillows and cocktail ottomans.  Many customers will choose to stay with the grays, browns and beige which continue to be popular.  However, more clients want that statement piece and they could use a bold color like Greenery on one piece and then center the rest of the room decor around it.  

So, in summary, the trends for 2017 may be

1.  larger great rooms that are open to other areas  

2.  adding a touch of glamour with accents and accessories  

3.  buying furniture that integrates technology

4.  having more natural light in your home

5.  purchasing outdoor furniture that coordinates with the inside

6.  Repurposing the dining room and making it more functional

7.  Using the new color Greenery as an accent color 

As you can see, there are always predictions for new trends in the New Year.  Consult with your interior designer for professional help when furnishing your home and always remember:  What you like in your home is the most important thing.