What 4 traits do the best interior designers in Dallas have in common?

1. Design talent and experience

Nothing is more important than talent in the design field. Talent is not something you learn.  It is something you are born with and it grows with design experience. An experienced interior designer knows what materials are best for each and every use.  For example, what type of leather will hold up best for heavy use, or what fabrics will fade with a southern exposure.

An experienced professional designer will have seen many different situations and will be able to advise you what is the best solution for your unique problem. This not only comes from talent but also from experience in handling different problems.

 2. Good Communication

After asking many questions, the designer will be able to tell what you like as well as what you dislike.  They will know whether you like traditional, transitional, modern or mid-century.

The best interior designers will ask questions about your dreams and needs.  They will not just talk about their personal style.

An expert designer will design around you and your family.  They will ask how you will be using the space. They will pick fabrics and colors that are ones you love.

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3. Expertise

Expertise is very important in the design field.  For example, you must know proper spacing when you are doing a floor plan or space planning. You must know whether you have room for a buffet in your dining room and still have enough space to pull out your dining room chairs. Another important thing for a professional to know is what furniture companies are the best quality and the best value?  

These are just a few examples of the expertise that an expert must have. Every job is different and has unique challenges that require knowledge in the field of design.

Expertise is something you gain from experience and education. The field of interior design is always changing and a professional must keep up to date with new ideas and materials. Professional members of ASID must attend continuing education classes as part of their membership.

4. Pay Attention to the Details

To get all the details right it takes a certain kind of person.  Somebody who wants to do things the right way.  Somebody who cares about each project as if it was his or her own.  You must be thinking about how each decision affects another.  The best designers must be a right brain and a left brain thinker.

An experienced interior designer can see the room as it will be.  They can see the room as you have imagined it.

In summary, there are 4 things that will help you choose the right designer.

You will want to hire someone who has talent and experience.

You will want to hire someone who is a good listener as well as a great communicator.

You will need someone who has design expertise.

You will want to hire someone who pays close attention to detail.

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