4 Ways to Avoid Costly Decorating Mistakes with your new home

A lot of homes are being built in Frisco TX and home owners need to make sure they make the right decisions. 

There are many ways to make costly decorating mistakes when building or remodeling your new Frisco TX home.  Here are 4 ways to avoid them.


1.  Be sure to hire a good builder who has a history in the area and has built homes that you can look at.  Choosing a good builder is so important.  Be sure to ask for referrals.  Do they listen to your ideas?  This is very important because they need to know what you want in your home.

2.  Consult and work with a professional interior designer.  You need to be able to communicate your dreams and ideas for your home to your designer.   They will help you find your design style, make a floor plan for furniture placement, show you the best options available, present a lighting plan and show you some beautiful art and accessories, too.


We helped this client with architectural design, furniture, furniture placement, paint colors, paint treatments, flooring, rugs, draperies, lighting, accessories, tile selections, plumbing selections, counter top selections and exterior selections.

3.  Have furniture and placement in mind before you begin the actual building project. This is where an interior designer can help you.  They will draw up an actual floor plan placing the furniture that is needed in each room.  They can discuss with you the functionality of each room.  Will it be used for watching television or for reading and entertaining? Will seating be needed for only a few people or do you need seating for more?  These are all questions that an interior designer will ask you.  

How much does it cost to furnish a luxury home

4.  Have a good lighting plan for inside and out.  Again, a professional interior designer can help you with the interior lighting plan and a landscape planner can help you with the outside lighting.  This is very important because it adds to the comfort of your home if you have good lighting.

Hiring good professionals is a great way to avoid costly mistakes when building your new home.

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