Here are 5 creative decorating ideas for November and the fall.

1.  You can freshen up your porch or entryway with some wonderful fall flowers such as chrysanthemums or daisies.  Use pots that are pretty fall colors that will accent your colors throughout your home. These flowers can be used outside or inside.  They will give your home a more colorful look for fall.


2.  Give your great room, family room or living area some special care by bringing in extra pillows and a nice colorful throw.  You can also clean the room from clutter and throw out things that aren’t beautiful or practical.  You can make the whole room look clean, simple, comfortable and welcoming.  Sometimes just a change of color in the pillows and throws will make a big difference.  



3.  You can clean the laundry room and give it a fresh new feel with an exciting new paint color.  You can pick a color that helps you move ahead and reflects your brightened outlook and adventurous spirit.  Make the laundry room a spot where your family will like to go to pick up their clean laundry. Just changing the walls by using a new and exciting can of paint can have a huge impact on your room.

4. Accessories     Dallas Total Home and Gift Market


 The accessories above will definitely give you a new updated look for fall.  Use them on the dining table or on a console or sofa table.  They will add interest and give your room a lift.

You can also make a wall full of art to change your room decor.  Use frames that are all the same.  Buy them in amounts of four, six or eight per set depending on how much wall space you have.  Then hang the pictures in a nice clean grid and you will have a pleasant change for your fall decorating.

5.  Set up a homework or project area for your children and yourself.  You may want to use a big table or set up a counter top.  It is good to have some files to put the projects in. A nice bookcase is always nice to have around your project table or desk.  The students will like having a special place of their own to study and do school work projects.


November is a month where you may want to spend more time at home.  After all, the kids must go to bed earlier than they do in the summer and so having a quiet time at night is a great idea. The glow of candlelight will cast a romantic feeling in your home.  Relax and enjoy your home. Make it comfortable, colorful and relaxing.