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Creating Multi-functional Rooms

People are spending more time in their homes. The COVID-19 virus has come to visit the United States, and many families want more fun in their homes. Below are some CAD (computer-aided design) photos of multi-functional rooms.

Family Game Room

A game room for the entire family makes for fabulous fun and games, whether it be playing shuffleboard, throwing darts, playing board games, or just watching the television and enjoying some pizza.

Conversation / Music Room

The room above is a music room as well as a comfortable conversation area and can also be used as a wine room or a reading area. The bar is on the left side of the room as you come in.

Whether you are listening to music or making music yourself, it is nice to have a conversation/reading/music area.

Conversation TV Room

Here is a CAD drawing of a room with four swivel chairs. The Swivel chairs are for watching movies or having an exciting conversation. All you need to do is swivel the chairs towards the Television. Conversation or Television–it’s your choice.

Family Room / Game Room

This family room area can be a family gathering place with a television and comfortable furniture.  However, you can add a shuffleboard table to make it a more active and fun place to be.

Reading / Media Room

functional rooms

A fun functional room – Game Rooms Dallas TX

Who doesn’t enjoy a fantastic book? A home library or book nook in your home is also lovely to have. You would need very comfortable furniture in this area and a beautiful bookcase.

The mirrored wall makes the room look larger. Good lighting is also essential. A charming chenille throw and an exciting chandelier may also come in handy.

Call a good professional interior designer in your area. They can help you create multi-functional rooms in your home. Interior designers can help you make an entertaining space in your home that friends and family can enjoy. They can also help you find comfortable chairs, beautiful bookcases, and lovely lighting.

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