Six foyer decorating ideas to make your foyer exceptional


What feeling do you want to have when people enter your home?  The foyer is a very important room in your home because it is the first area people see when they enter your home.  Do you want your foyer to feel warm and welcoming or very formal?  Do you want to have a coat closet close by?  Do you want a mirror in your foyer so that people coming in can see if their hair is windblown?  Do you want a nice bench or chair so that people can take off their boots or shoes?

The foyer gives guests their first and last impression of the home and therefore, is one of the most important rooms in your home.  You may want your foyer to have a polished and refined look or you may just want it to be inviting and comfortable.  Whatever you want as a feeling in your foyer, here are some decorating ideas that may help you get the foyer of your dreams.



1.  For example, you can showcase your favorite artwork in your foyer.  If it has a beautiful and outstanding frame, that is even better.  Whether it is one large piece, or a few medium pieces hung together, it will give guests something interesting to look at when they enter your home.


 Decorative glass wall panels in this two story foyer

2.  You can use a comfortable chair or a beautiful bench in your foyer.  This will help you to create a cozy seating area for your guests.


3.  Books and photo frames add personality to your foyer.  You may want to add a favorite book or photo in a nice frame to your foyer chest or console.


4.  You may want to use a luminous light fixture that hangs from the ceiling.  There are many magnificent  and gorgeous chandeliers.  Or you may want to use a pair of wonderful lamps on the console.




5.  You may want to have wallpaper in your foyer or have a pretty paint treatment.  Foyers are great spaces to use wallpaper becausse the wall space is limited so you won’t have to break your decorating budget on a fabulous favorite wallpaper.



6.  Add a mirror to your foyer. They are very functional for you as you step out of your house or greet guests as they enter.  Mirrors also have a great light reflecting quality.


7.  Use a beautiful floral on your foyer entry table.  Whether it is made with silk, preserved or fresh flowers it will add a lot to the decor of your foyer.



Only you can decide if you want an elegant foyer or a casual come-in-and-sit-down foyer.  It is all up to you and getting help from a professional interior designer is a very good idea.