Here are 6 quick interior design tips about draperies to help you have the window treatments of your dreams.

Many people don’t realize what an impact designer draperies can have on their home. 

Draperies not only add to the style of the room but also help alot with the acoustics in the room.  The texture of the draperies helps with the sound in the room.  

Draperies also help to make a room feel “finished”.  They can help enhance the light coming from your windows.  The right light in your room can help lift your mood.  

Draperies can also ensure your privacy.  They can also help with energy efficiency and light control. Below are some photos which show some draperies designed by Foran Interior Design. 

Here are 6 quick Interior Design Tips about Draperies.

1.  Two Story High Draperies look amazing when they fall all the way from the top.


  2.  Tall window draperies also look good pulled back with ties and tassels.


  3.   Draperies are something that will stay with the home when you leave it.


  4.  Draperies look best when they are designed by a professional designer.


  5.  It is always best to have lined draperies so that they all look the same from outside.


  6. An added valance or cornice board is beautiful in the dining room shown below.  The pretty red material looks stunning in this gorgeous dining room.


 The custom drapery treatment below is more formal and always stays neat.  The fabric is a gorgeous silk. We hope you enjoyed the photos and ideas.