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A professional interior designer has many creative ideas and ways to transform your home.

Since the COVID-19 virus has come to the United States, we have had much more time to spend in our homes.  Here are 7 creative ideas to make your home more interesting and fun

The above Home Movie Theater also has a dance floor to add more fun and function to the room.

Many people have a room that doesn’t get used much.  These areas, with the help of an interior designer, can be changed into a room that will be more fun.

1. A Wine Lounge

2.  A Reading Room

3.  A Conversation Area

4.  A Game Room

5.  A Movie Theater

6.  A Sports Lounge

7.  A Music Room

In this blog we will discuss various fun rooms you can create in your home with the help of your interior designer.

A reading room, a conversation area and a wine lounge can all be in one area or in separate areas of your home, but they will all need one thing: Comfortable seating. There are all types of comfortable seating but it is important that the seating has good cushions and is made to last.

In the above CAD design you can see a mirrored wall to make the room seem larger.

Light ideas for your home

As far as lighting goes, a reading room will need different lighting than a wine lounge.  The above reading room has general lighting as well as task lighting. The pharmacy floor lamps in the photo are great for putting the light on your reading material and not in your eyes. You may want to dim the lights in your wine room and close the drapes to make it feel more inviting and comfortable.

A game room can be a fantastic thing when you have guests over.  A pool table, a shuffleboard table and, a dart board all have one thing in common.  They all need to be played while standing.  However, it is nice to have a game table or poker table in the room, too.  You can use the table for playing card games as well as eating so be sure you have a durable top.

Music rooms are a great addition to a home.  A piano is a beautiful piece of furniture and a drum set is a lot of fun.  If your children are in a band or orchestra at school, this is a good place for them to practice.  It would be nice to have soundproof dry wall or fabric on the walls to help with the sound.

A professional interior designer can help you with creative solutions for your home.  They will discuss what your personal style is and then help you determine your budget.  This will help take away the stress and soon you will have a creative and fabulous fun room in your home.

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