Quality furniture in McKinney TX

Many people want to buy quality furniture but don’t know what quality furniture is, or don’t know where to find good quality items.

Quality furniture in McKinney TX

We remodeled this traditional home to give it a more modern look. This was part of a complete home remodel. – photo credit: Beth Singer Photography

Quality furniture is furniture that is made well, designed well, and is made with quality products.

For example, furniture that is made with quality from the beginning is made with hardwood; if it is upholstery, it has 8-way hand-tied springs.

1. solid wood furniture and good veneers are the best when looking for quality furniture.  Well-made veneers have a wood base covered by several thin layers of better-quality wood.  Veneers can be very beautiful.

Quality furniture in McKinney TX

2.  Joint construction is also very important in well-made furniture.  The legs should be jointed to the frame of the sofa or chair, not just nailed.  Dovetail joint construction is the best. Some well-made sofas have a fifth leg in the middle to provide extra support.

3.  Drawers should pull all the way out and shut evenly. They should also run smoothly in and out on a glider.  Handles and knobs should fit tightly and not jiggle or turn.

photo credit: Beth Singer Photography

4.  Drawers should also have dust panels between each drawer.  Dust Panels are thin sheets of wood between drawers in a chest or desk.  They not only improve structural strength,but they also protect drawer contents.

5.  Regarding high end quality sofas, loveseats, chairs and sectionals.  A quality sofa should have 8 way hand tied spings.

Quality furniture in McKinney TX

6..  Cushions are very important and firm cushions hold up better over time.  High end cushions have a block of foam for the core that is wrapped with dacron, cotton or down, usually with a protective inner cover.

Cushions filled with down are the most expensive and luxurious. However, spring and down cushions are also very comfortable and luxurious, too.

7.  The fabric or leather put on your upholstery pieces is also very important.  If there is a tag or label on the upholstery it will probably be the cleaning code.  “S” means solvent-based cleaning, such as dry-cleaning, “W” means water based cleaners and “X” means  No Liquid, Vacuum only

Leathers should be top grain leathers and fabrics should say on them how much stress and wear they can handle. .

As you can see, good quality furniture has many details that you need to look for or get the help of a professional interior designer who knows what to look for when buying high quality furniture.

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