Foran Interior Design saw so many accent tables, awesome accessories and fabulous artwork at the 2017 High Point Market

Accessories are the “jewelry in the room”. and your interior designer will pay attentiion to every detail in the room.  Foran of Foran Interior Design says his clients choose certain accent pieces and accessories because they make a statement in the room.  Clients want individuality as well as authentic design.

Above, there are many beautiful accessory pieces that are all grouped together.The idea of mixed materials and glamorous, great finishes and soft fabrics all help a room come together.

 The wall decor shown above featured massive feathers made out of steel or iron.  They were each made by hand so they are all a little different.  You can use just one or as many as you want and your wall will look stunning.

Reclaimed wood, iron and stone were used in the settings of Rustic Modern furnishings.

 In the photo setting above, you can see lamps, a beautiful throw,  sculptures, and decorative plates. The room would be boring if it didn’t have such a variety of awesome accessories. Century old brick, mortar and iron were repurposed in beautiful plates, jugs and bowls and vases. 

This year’s trends pay homage to the timelessness of the 1960s and 70’s.  However, comfort dominates.  Everyone wants to see, feel and touch the fabrics and the upholstery.

Color, pattern and texture invoke the warmth of nostalgia. Blues, rust and gold pair well with many color palettes that were seen at the 2017 High Point Market.  They may be softened with hints of gray to compliment the dominant tones

Geometric patterns and retro-inspired fabrics were seen at the Market. You will see daring finishing details, exceptional hardware and color to create a unique piece.

Whether it’s a magnificent console, a perfect martini table or a wonderful chair, clients want something that will help make a statement in the room.  If you work with an interior designer they can help you with the many details that make a house a home.