The best high end sofas are comfortable, well made and beautiful.

What goes into the making of a the best high end sofas is a question many of my clients ask me. A great quality sofa should be comfortable, well-made and have enduring styling.


This client wanted a high end sofa for their great room.

Comfort is the number one thing that my clients ask for, but comfort means different things to different people since everyone is a unique individual.  

 A sofa should fit the people who will use it. A deep sofa (25″ inside depth) with pillows will work in a room where you want to be casual and cozy. This kind of depth is great for curling up and relaxing. You can use down pillows to adjust your personal comfort and the depth of the sofa. In a more formal room, where you want to keep your feet on the floor, you may want a sofa that is not as deep (22″ inside depth).

Hardwood frames and double-doweled blocks that are screwed and glued into place are still used on quality furniture pieces.  This type of construction will make sure your furniture will hold up and remain comfortable.  These  types of spring units are still  8-way hand tied.  This painstaking construction involves tying each coil with heavy cord, using eight knots.  The benefit to this is long lasting construction and comfort.

The best high end sofas are built one at a time with integrity and attention to detail by the skilled hands of an experienced craftsman.

Better upholstered pieces are offered in better fabrics that have been tested for wear.

It is a good idea to buy your quality sofa in a solid or texture with accent pillows so that it will be easy to change the look by changing the pillows.

It’s getting harder to find the best high end sofas. Your professional interior designer is your best resource for quality.






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