How to find the best home remodeling companies in McKinney TX

How to find the best remodeling company for your remodeling project.

There are a lot of luxury homes in McKinney that need remodeling, especially in Stonebridge Ranch, which was started over 30 years ago.

What should you look for?

1. Do they offer professional interior service?

Space planning should be the first thing to work on. Most importantly, you need a good plan. You cannot just start knocking walls down. You need to know how the space will be used. If you are going to enlarge your kitchen, how will that affect adjoining rooms? If you are not careful you can make one room better and another room unusable.  I have been an interior designer for over 40 years, and I know from experience that a lot of time needs to be put into the design phase to come up with the perfect plan. You do not want to spend a lot of money on your custom remodeling project and not be happy. Whoever you work with should be able to show you your plan in 3D photorealistic renderings. It is also a good idea to hire an interior designer with a construction background.

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This is a 3D rendering I did for one of my clients. This was a complete remodel of the first floor. We took out walls and opened up the space. We were able to expand the kitchen and make the family room more open and functional.

A professional interior designer will be able to ask you questions and find out what you like and how you want to use the space. Make sure you don’t remodel and then try to figure out how the space will be used and where the furniture will go.

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In this remodel we change this Old World living room into an updated sophisticated Wine Lounge. We did not take down any walls, but we painted the house with lighter colors and used a dramatic rich brown stain on the floors. My clients love this room. 
photo credit: Beth Singer Photography

I do not believe you should have rooms in your house that you do not use. I like to come up with creative solutions for my clients.
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3D rendering I did for one of my clients.

2. The best remodeling companies should have great sub-contractors.

Having good reliable sub-contractors might cost a little more, but it will make a huge difference with the final product. I have seen homeowners pick a contractor based on the cheapest price and end up with a bad job. A good idea is to work with an interior that works with a quality contractor regularly.  Professional designers have seen many projects from beginning to end and they can help you decide on the best contractor with the best sub-contractors.

3. Good remodeling companies will have good reviews.

Be careful when picking a company with cheap prices and no reviews.

4. Good communication is very important.

Make sure the people you hire are good listeners and take notes. Also, make sure the remodeler and designer work well together. It is a good idea to hire a designer and contractor who have already worked together.

The contractor should be able to give you a written schedule of when the work will be done. This will be updated with the changes due to sub-contractor availability and material availability.

5. The contractor should have a good contract that spells everything out.

Read the contract and make sure it includes what you ask for.

6. Does the remodeler/contractor offer a warranty?

In conclusion

You need a good team if you want a good job.

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