Use your favorite colors for accents in your high-end home

Neutral backgrounds might be a good idea for a luxury home, but you don’t have to be afraid to use color in other ways.

The luxury home below is a good example of adding color with artwork, pillows, a chair and accessories.

Why do people ask for color in their interior design? The reason is that colors affect our moods.  They can make us feel energetic or calm.  They can even make us feel happy or sad.  That is why color palettes are important.

When you walk into a room, what is the first thing you notice?  Probably your answer would be:  the colors. There is actually a link between color preference and personality traits.  Reseaarchers have found that people who like the same colors tend to also share some of the same characteristics.  Here are some examples:

People who like BROWN are usually practical.

People who like BLACK are conservative, but also creative.

WHITE is a peaceful color and is liked by people who are good at organizing things.

PURPLE is a comforting color and values dignity.

RED is a color that makes people passionate, whether they are talking or eating.  They get excited and enjoy whatever they are doing.

NEUTRALS are traditional and are the perfect background for many rooms.  Then it is fun to add accessories and artwork in bright hues to achieve different looks.

People who like YELLOW are often cheerful individuals.

GREEN is a color of nature.  People who like GREEN love nature and are passionate about the outdoors.

Although there are many other colors to discuss, the question that is asked most often is, “Where do I start with a color scheme for my luxury home?”  The thought of what color scheme to use can be overwhelming.  You need to ask yourself some questions about how you feel about colors.

Color combinations for luxury homes are an important decision, so you want to get it right. One of the keys to makng decisions about your color scheme is to eliminate what you don’t like so it is less confusing. This is a method that I use to make quicker decisions.  If you are looking at 5 different colors of paint for your room, rather than trying to choose the best one at first, just eliminate the colors that are not as good. This will narrow it down and make for better and easier decisions.