Find out how to turn little used rooms in your home into Comfortable Resort Style Living

Do you have rooms in your home that you seldom use? Maybe a dining room, a formal living room, an extra bedroom, a game room or even a basement?. Why not create a special sanctuary for yourself or your family?. Why not create a serene retreat where you could meditate or read a book?. A place free of TVs, cell phones and the fast pace of today’s life.

A master bedroom could be turned into a Zen Like comfortable retreat where you can unwind from a busy day. This environment can also flow into your master bathroom where you can create the feeling of a spa. Maybe a nearby extra bedroom that is seldom used could be changed into a yoga studio. You could still put a sofa bed in this room to accommodate guests.

Below are CAD (computer aided design) photos of creative solutions I put together for clients.

If you have a family room and a formal living room you might want to do something different with your living room. You could turn it into a conversation room.

If you have a dining room you don’t use, you could turn it into a Wine Lounge or a Reading Room.

Maybe your idea of relaxing is watching a movie in a comfortable room free of distractions. An extra bedroom can be changed into a home theater. This room will be free of noise, like dishes banging in the kitchen.

What about adding a spa to your home?. I had one client where we took their lower level (basement) and turned it into a Spa. Below are CAD photos of that project. The spa featured stone walls and teak ceiling as well as a natural stone floor. In the actual installation we used pebble stone paths through the spa.

I designed the shower in this Home Spa with glass on 3 sides so to give the room a spacious look.

The spa also included a fireplace, whirlpool tub and a sauna.

Please let me know if you want to turn your seldom used rooms into comfortable resort style living.

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