Comfortable traditional leather furniture can be beautiful and stylish.

Are you looking for comfortable traditional leather furniture for your north Dallas home?

If so, you will look for 6 things in your traditional furniture.  They are:

1.  quality construction

2.  good materials and awesome top grain leathers

3.  a lasting style

4.  furniture that will appreciate in value over time

5.  Durability and functionality

6.  the “best buy for the money” 

Well made leather furniture that is traditional in style will provide value, beauty and functionality for many years.

Some traditional furniture you see looks uncomfortable and some of it is. It may have cushions that are too soft or too firm.You may not like the way it will sit. Loose cushion backs and seats are more comfortable for most people and with the proper cushions can also be supportive. Spring and down seat cushions are very comfortable and supportive.

Traditional sofas look even better with gorgeous pillows on them  Pillows with fringe, beads, trim and other accents add interest.  Whereas contemporary furniture may feature clean lines, traditional furniture may do the same but have added features. It may also have added curves.

Traditional Great Room-427836-edited.jpg

 This client wanted a very comfortable stylish great room.


The recliner shown below is very comfortable and easy to rest in.  You may add additiional toss pillows to add interest. Many times shorter people like to have a pillow behind them whereas taller people my use a pillow on their side.

Comfortable Traditional Recliner-756316-edited.jpg

Traditional furniture is usually warm and comfortable. It can be any color that you like.  Don’t be afraid to use color in your traditional home. You can give your room some excitement with the use of color. Sometimes a beautifully colored accent color will give the whole room a new breath of life. Your room can have colorful chairs, pillows or sofas.

Traditional Home Theater Seating-159522-edited.jpg

The traditional recliners shown above are comfortable for an in-home theater or media room. When you are watching a movie you may be sitting for two or three hours, so you want your furniture to be very comfortable.

You may want to use spring and down cushions for support and comfort in your traditional chairs, recliner or sofa, or sitting will become very tiring.    Be sure you have the right cushions for support and comfort in your new traditional furniture.

Traditional Executive Chair-525839-edited.jpg

The desk chair shown above is very stylish and also practical. It is on wheels so it can go different places in the room.

Decorating your home with a traditional sofa, sectional or recliner can help you pull together a stylish updated home and it will provide beauty, value and functionality for many years.


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