Experienced interior designers can come up with creative solutions for your interior design project.

Every room in your home should be a room that you enjoy using. A dining room or a formal living room don”t have to be used in the traditional way. As you can see from the CAD photos below, there are a lot of creative ways to make your room more functional and fun.

We use CAD, PowerPoint and fabric boards when we do presentations.  Our goal is to make it easy for our clients to visualize their rooms. CAD is good in that it can give you a photo realistic idea of what the room will look like finished. Below are some CAD photos of rooms that I have put together.

 Change a traditional living room into Conversation Lounge.

This living room was a dark traditional formal living room. The client wanted to use the room for entertaining. They wanted to sit with another couple, drink wine and have nice conversation. There is a wine bar on the wall that can’t be seen in the photo. This also makes a great reading room.

Small dining room turned into a Reading Lounge.

This is a typical small dining room that is changed into a reading lounge. You are looking into a floor to ceiling mirrored wall. The bookcases are on the opposite wall. Using the mirror floor to ceiling gives the allusion of doubling the space.

Sports Bar for watching games with family and friends.

This room shows a game room tuned into a Sports Bar. This room has multiple TVs, lots of seating and and a bar. This is a great room for a Super Bowl Party.

Large dining room turned into a Comfortable Conversation Room.

Conversational Room Design

This photo of the finished room shows six swivel glider chairs facing each other. The room was a dining room that was not used and the client wanted us to come up with a more functional use for the room. This Conversation room is great for entertaining or just sitting by your self reading a book (no TV).

These are just a few examples of creative solutions for interior design.

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