Custom draperies in Dallas Texas are important because they add style, beauty and softness to your home.


Why is it important to add designer draperies to your home?  

Many of the homes is the Dallas area have hard surface flooring, lots of drywall and windows. These are all hard materials. Draperies add softness and style to large windows which not only gives you beauty, but will help tremendously with acoustics. Sound bounces off of hard surfaces and creates echos. You might also consider window shades instead of wood blinds or shutters.

Design draperies will add detail and beauty to your home. They can be a dramatic focal point of your room and they can add color and texture to your room. Custom draperies, when done correctly, can add artistic detail and drama to your room.

A lot of newer homes have high ceilings and need Two story window treatments. They can beautifully frame a window and also add color, texture and softness to a room. Draperies give you the ability to greatly improve your acoustics.  



Elegant two story drapery treatment in soft green silk 

What are the different styles of draperies?

There are many different styles of draperies.  There are curtains, valances, cornices and draperies. There are sheers, blackout drapes, panel drapes, lined drapes, goblet pleats, box pleats, goblet pleats, pencil pleats and pinch pleats. There are also balloon shades. Here are some more detailed descriptions of some of these drapery styles.

Traditionally the pinch pleats drapery takes 3 folds of fabric sewn together for a pleat that fans out at the top and bottom.  Pencil pleats is a look that is tailored yet feminine.  It can be used for stationary panels only.  Box pleats are another tailored treatment for stationary panels.

Swagged draperies have a swag of fabric edged with silky tassels.  Another style sometimes used is to have flat panels on pegs.  Rod Pocket drapery is a classic look that is casual.  The fabric gathers at desired widths and it is not ideal for frequent use.

Here are some things that people forget about when ordering their window treatments.  Will they be blackout or not?  Will they be lined?  Will they be easy to open and close?  Will they be stationary?


 What are the drapery trends for today?

Heavy draperies are not as popular as they once were.  Sheer flowing fabric draperies are now getting more popular.  Beautiful fabric can add a lot to the window and to the room.


Here are some more current trends:  the use of organic materials styled in simply designed window treatments or the use of luxury fabrics and lavish embellishments.

One trend is to use more organic materials and can be shown in natural woven shades such as bamboo and matchstick.  These shades let in diffused light but also give some privacy.

Another popular trend is to use luxury fabrics such as silks, velvets, damasks, fur, leather and suede.  The overall design trend is to keep things simple.  However, the trend for using luxurious fabrics will remain popular with those who desire embellishments and luxury.  This trend includes using crystal, beaded tassels and lavish embellishments on every element of the window.–including hardware, trim and fabrics.

As you can see in the photos above, different styles of custom draperies look beautiful and each treatment is unique.