What do the best Dallas interior designers offer?

That is an important question to find out more about. The Dallas area has many top design firms and this is what sets them apart.

Top Dallas Interior Design Firms

3D rendering of a Contemporary Kitchen for one of my clients.

The very best Dallas interior design firms offer everything for the interior of your home.  This includes:

1. Furniture floor plans


Top interior designers will draw a floor plan that will show you exactly how your furniture will be placed and how traffic will flow through your home. If they do not have an exact blueprint, the designer will measure and draw the room to exact specifications showing all the windows, doors, and fireplaces.  Then they will formulate your floor and space plan. They will determine the focal point of the room.  They will determine the axis, that is, where the furniture will be about the focal point.

Top Dallas Interior Design Firms

We remodeled this traditional home to give it a more modern look. This was part of a complete home remodel. – photo credit: Beth Singer Photography


2. Assistance with remodeling contractors

Do you need a painter or tile installer?  Do you need a carpet installer or a cleaning service?  A professional will have options on who to call for various services for your home.


3. Selection service for new homes or remodeling jobs

From selecting countertops to helping you choose the perfect flooring, a professional can do it all.  They can even help you with the color selections for your home.  Your paint colors will make a huge impact on how your home feels.  Even the color beige has different tones, such as pink, yellow, or gold.  The same is true of grey.  It can have more blue tones or yellow tones.  Finding the right color is an important part of the selection for your home. It is very important to work with someone who has experience in picking out paint colors. It is very easy to pick the wrong color and make a costly mistake.


4.  Great sources for furniture, accessories, and artwork.

 A professional has a variety of companies that they deal directly with. This includes great furniture and accessory sources that will create a lasting source of beauty for your home. Most designers go to several home furnishing markets every year.  They buy from a lot of different companies and can find things that are unique and just right for you.

Interior Design Consultation Dallas

Interior Design Consultation Dallas


5. Consultation services 

At the initial consultation, the best interior designer will ask you about the changes you want to make in your home.  They will also ask who will be using the space and how will they use it.  They will ask you if you have existing pieces you would like to incorporate into your home. There will also be questions about other details and of course, what is your budget.


6.  Problem-Solving

Do you have a specific problem in your home?  If so, a top designer may be able to help you.  Designers are trained to provide solutions for a range of issues.  Do you need more lighting in your room?  Do you need more space?  They may offer some quick fixes.  However, usually, they will ask you about what you have in mind for the project colors, furnishings, finishes, lighting, flooring, wallcovering, or paint and window treatments.  Then they can better help you have the room of your dreams.


A good interior design firm will be able to offer knowledge, experience, resources, and guidance.  They can help you have the home that you have always imagined.

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