There were many dazzling decorative pillows and hundreds of beautiful hassocks at the September 2014 Dallas Total Home Market this year.

We have some wonderful photos that we took at the Market to show you some dynamite decorative pillows.  They were everywhere!

There were lots of colorful pillows at the Dallas Market.

In the olden days pillows were used for health reasons and for comfort.  However, nowadays we use pillows to create a certain style and ambiance in the room.  We have pillows made of expensive woven materials or sensuous silks and stuffed with even softer material for ultimate comfort.  Pillows now come in every size and color you can imagine.  They add to our comfort and to the beauty of our homes.  They can be used on sofas, chairs, rockers, beds and any other place in your home where you need a little softness and beauty.

Accessorizing a home is all about the details. Some people call accessories “the jewelry of interior design.”  One of the top trends in today’s society is adding hints of glamour to a room, Embroidered textiles, metallics, mirrored pieces and rich velvets are always great to make a room look like luxury.

Blues and greens are still popular colors that are still trending in home design.  There are shades from Indigo to Citrus Green.  The good thing about this color trend is that it can complement any space whether it is formal or casual.

Sometimes people wonder what is the difference between a hassock, an ottoman and a footstool.  They are all terms referring to furniture upon which a person may rest his or her feet.  However, there are differences between these 3 footrests.

A hassock is covered in fabric.  Traditionally, a hassock covering is so extensive that no legs or framing are visible (unlike an ottoman or footstool).  The hassock does not have any room for storage whereas an ottoman can also be a storage ottoman.  Hassocks are usually smaller than ottomans.  They serve both comfort and style functions and different people prefer different aesthetic and functional qualities in their furnishings.

Here are some happily colored hassocks that we discovered at the Dallas Market.

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