Nature inspired designs continue to be very popular at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market 

The latest trends in home decorating are inspiring and bring lots of interesting ideas that you can use for creative and bright interior decorating.  


Here are some nature inspired designs that we saw at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market this summer. 

Natural motifs and tables that have a one of a kind stone or wood base and/or top are custom pieces and are very popular.  They add a way to customize your whole room.  They enhance interior design in eco style.  

As you see below, this table has a beautiful wood top and sitting on it are some natural pieces made of raw onyx..


 This natural free-form accessory would add pizzazz to any table. The table is called the turquoise table.


 This natural onyx has many different facets and delightful details, all of them very beautiful.


 This free form custom console was made by nature and first class wood artisans who refined and polished the wood.


 This oyster shell birdbath which is made of uncommon materials, not only holds flowers but also has a pretty butterfly perched on it.  It has a very whimsical design and is an outdoor art piece. It does not come with the flowers or the butterfly.    


 This wall sculpture is inspired by roots and branches. It is quite a large wall piece and definitely makes a statement.


 A tired buyer from Foran Interior Design takes a seat and looks at the many unique and interesting accessories.  An animal skull sits on a stand and has wire circles behind it  indicating wire fences and miniature bicycles beside it.  



 As you can see from the previous photos, there were many unique and creative items that were custom made, inspired by nature and incredibly beautiful at the Dallas Summer Total Home & Gift Show.