If you are planning to decorate your kitchen, a Plano interior designer can help you select kitchen tile, window treatments, counter tops, lighting and accessories.

We helped this client decorate their kitchen with beautiful details like: counter top, cabinets, flooring, appliances, hardware, backsplash and lighting.Draperies, faux finishes, interesting wallpaper, beautiful accessories and a decorative tile backsplash are all things that Plano Interior Designers use to make your kitchen more beautiful.  If you live in Plano or other areas around Dallas and are planning to update your kitchen or redecorate your entire home you may want the help of a professional interior designer.

An interior designer will show you how to use contrasting fabrics and trim details on your window shades. Window shades may be  needed for light control in your kitchen, but most importantly, your window treatment should add beauty and tie into the architecture of the kitchen. Window treatment designs for your kitchen can be simple or complex, but they definitely will add to your kitchen style.

An interior designer can also help you redo the walls of your kitchen. Walls are also important and can be enhanced with paint, a faux finish, wallpaper or tile.  If you do use a faux finish it should blend in with your cabinets and compliment them.  A faux finish or wallpaper can add a lot of interest and beauty to your kitchen.

An interior designer can also beautifully design your tile backsplash. This can make your kitchen look amazing.  Tile backsplashes are also practical because they are easy to clean. Tile designs behind your kitchen counter will update and beautify your kitchen.

It is important to coordinate your counter top with your backsplash like we did for this client. The slate on the backsplash was also used on their fireplace.

Always remember:  A kitchen backsplash should coordinate nicely with the rest of your home. Here is a pretty home that has a beautiful backsplash over the range that looks great from the dinette and family room.

A professional designer can help you with your kitchen accessories.   Live flowers are a nice touch to have in a kitchen.  They will get plenty of light and it’s easy to water them because a sink will be nearby.  If you combine some unique accessories with your plants, it will add a nice decorative touch to your kitchen and dinette area. Also, decorative cookie jars or various glass jars can also add a decorative touch to your kitchen area.

In summary, a professional interior designer can help you with everything in your kitchen including  furniture and accessories.  Comfortable barstools are a welcome addition to add extra seating in your kitchen.  There are many awesome dinette tables that an interior designer can show you.  A tile backsplash will add a lot but so will a beautiful dinette set.

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