How do I decorate my Frisco TX home?

What are the most important things I should do?  Do I need the help of an interior designer?

A lot of homeowners in Frisco are wanting to decorate their homes to be more comfortable for them and more practical and liveable.  Frisco is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. There are many new homes that need to be furnished as well as existing homes that need redecorating and remodeling. The most important part is to have a plan.

New Luxury Frisco TX Home

I design this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug and accessories.

1.  A good floor plan is always needed and is a great place to start with your decorating or remodeling plan.

Many costly mistakes are made because there was no plan.  If you are decorating a very small room, you should still start with a plan.  Do you need to change the flooring?  Do you need to change the paint color or will you use wallpaper?  What about the lighting?  There are many things to think about even in a small room, and that is why everyone should start with a plan or costly mistakes may be made. A professional interior designer can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Please remember, whatever you do, you always need to start with a plan, a furniture layout, a picture to give you inspiration, and a budget, before you select the color scheme.


2.  Decide whether you want to start in one room or do more than one room at a time.

This is also a good time to look at your remodeling budget and decide on how much you can spend. Don’t try to redo everything at once.  It is a good idea to start small with 1 – 2 rooms or areas.  Pick the area in your home that needs the most help.


3. Determine what style is right for you.

  What this means is what style do you want to use in redecorating your home?  Always identify your style before you begin the remodeling project.

Cut out some pictures of rooms that you like out of magazines or use the internet to find room styles that you like. Collect photos of rooms you like.


Ask yourself some questions to determine what style you want.
Do you want to go with the latest trends or do you want to be a trend setter?
Is your lifestyle casual, or formal?
What type of entertaining do you do?
How would you like this room to function?
What type of fabrics do you like?
How do you feel about mixing  patterns?
Do you like straight lines or curved lines?
Do you like carving or detail?



Finding the right color scheme for your room or home may be overwhelming. Do NOT buy paint before you decide on a floor plan and know what furniture will be going in the room.

“Where do I start?” is a good question  The thought of what color scheme to use can be daunting.  Here are some of the questions to think about.

The answers will show you what you like and what you don’t like. Your spouse’s answers might be different than yours.  Some of the key things to look at are:

Do you prefer warm, or cool colors? If you said you want a warm room, then you don’t want a lot of blue or stark white.

Which of the following best describes the feeling that you want to achieve? Dramatic or understated?  If you said you wanted a dramatic room, then you probably don’t want all neutrals. If you said you want a light airy look, then you probably don’t want red walls.

Colors play an important part in your home.  They can make you feel happy or sad.  Your favorite color may not be the same as others in your family. Be sure that everyone will be happy with the colors you choose.

Decorate my Frisco TX home

This is a 3D rendering of a kitchen for one of my clients.


In Summary

Here are some important steps to take when redecorating your Frisco, Texas home.

  •    Have a good floor plan, which includes detailed space planning so that you know what will fit where.
  •    Decide what areas of your home will be furnished or remodeled first.
  •    Figure out what furnishings you want to repurpose and what you will need to buy new.
  •    Have a budget for purchasing quality furniture when you are done with your remodeling
  •    Decide on the right look and style that you want in your home   
  •    Decide on what colors are right for your new redecorating.
  •    Most importantly,  find a good interior designer to help you with the above and more.

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