Did you make any home decorating and remodeling resolutions for 2015?

 If so, here are some helpful ideas for you to ponder or think about.


For this remodeling job the client wanted light walls and floors with rich chocolate cabinets.

Updating Your Living Area

Many clients want to change or update their family room or living room decor.  Recently we had someone who wanted to update and make their room lighter and more comfortable.  They also wanted a cleaner fresher look.

Comfort is so important today. Everyone is so busy and they want to come home and relax. It is important to get help when deciding what furniture will be the most comfortable for you and your family. You should consider if you want to curl up on a sofa or do you want to sit with your feet on the floor. If you want to curl up you might want a sofa with at least a 23″ inside depth. You should also think about what will be the most comfortable cushion inserts (polyester fiber, down or foam). Will you be happy with a chair and ottoman or would a recliner be better? (yes, there are recliners that look great today).





Updating Your Master Bedroom in 2015

It is fairly easy to update your Master Bedroom.  Whether or not you want to change your bedroom furniture is up to you.  You can change the paint color or add wonderful fresh wallpaper.  You can change the window coverings and bedding.  You can add luxurious lamps or amazing accessories and artwork. A few of these changes can really make a big difference in updating your Master Bedroom.  


Remodeling Your Kitchen and Dinette

Nothing gets more activity than your kitchen.  It is easy to update your kitchen cabinets by painting them or by replacing the cabinet doors and hardware.  

Many people want a bigger dinette area.  The kitchen eating area gets much more activity than the dining room gets because it is less formal and much more attuned to casual dining.

Sometimes clients want to change their kitchen flooring to tile, cork or wood.  This can be costly depending on what kind of sub floor there is.  

Some other clients wanted to change their floor to wood.  This is also easy to accomplish but there are so many choices.  Do you want hand-scraped flooring?  Or do you want solid wood or engineered wood floors? Do you want cherry, oak, pine or another wood?  Do you want light or dark stained floors?  These many decisions can all be made with the help of a professional interior designer.


For this client we used hand scraped walnut floors. The dinette table has a hand scraped top and a hand forged iron base.


Updating Your Outdoor Furniture in 2015

Do you plan on having more outdoor activity and entertaining more in 2015?  Well, it is fairly easy to update your patio, deck or screened- in porch.

There are more and more outdoor furniture companies that offer gorgeous outdoor furniture.  You can get fire pits, hammocks, rockers and swings as well as sumptuous sofas and comfortable chairs.  Tables come in all sizes and shapes from very small to extra large.  Fire pits are sometimes made right into the coffee table and are fun to make s’mores and cook hotdogs around.  There are also great outdoor pizza ovens and outdoor stoves and refrigerators as well as great grills.  

These are just some redecorating and remodeling ideas for 2015. Contact your professional interior designer for help with redecorating your home.