Decorating Guide McKinney TX

What questions should you ask yourself when furnishing your home?

Decorating Guide McKinney TX

I design this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug, and accessories.


Why are so many people moving to Frisco, Texas, and buying new homes?  Could it be because of the good schools and the multitude of wonderful places to shop?  Maybe it’s because of the many sports venues, such as baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball, etc.  Could it be because of the many types of kid’s entertainment that abound in the area or the amazing arts and culture that are in Frisco?  There are so many dramatic and delicious dining spots in the area.  The busy and exciting lifestyle makes many families and singles want to live there.

These are some of the reasons that Frisco Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  With so many homes being built, there are a lot of decorating decisions to make. Here are some of the interior decorating questions you may have.

My design blog “Michael’s Interior Design Blog” will have answers to these questions and more. There are 100s of articles on many different interior design questions. Some of the questions below already have direct links to a blog that answers the question. Just click the link and you will go to the blog.

1.  How will my existing furniture fit in my new home?
2.  How do I avoid decorating mistakes?
3.  Where do we put the TV?
4.  What color scheme do I want?
5.  How do I arrange my furniture?
6.  What style of kitchen do I want?
7.  What flooring materials are best for me?
8.  What type of window treatments do I want?
9.  What is the best way to buy furniture?
10. Do I need a lighting plan?
11. What interior design style do I want?
12. How do I decorate my two-story foyer?
13. What about my outdoor patio decorating?
14. Where do I find nice accessories for my home?
15. What are the home decorating trends?
Decorating Guide McKinney TX

We remodeled this traditional home to give it a more modern look. This was part of a complete home remodel. – photo credit: Beth Singer Photography

Many decorating questions come up when furnishing your new home.

Decorating Guide McKinney TX

I design the master bath using computer aided design to show the client would be able to visualize her space.

It is important to find the right decorative accessories for your home.

These and other interior design questions can be answered in some of our blogs or by a good professional interior designer.

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