Decorating Style Southlake Texas

Decorating Style Texas is about comfort, function, and style


Well, one thing is true of Texan’s decorating style.  They always want their furniture to be comfortable, stylish, and functional, too. They do not follow trends but do what they like in their decorating style.

As has been said many times before, Comfort is King.  Everyone wants to be comfortable in their home. That involves many things, such as comfortable seating, with fabulous fabrics and leathers that are comfortable to the touch.  In order to be comfortable, people want fabrics and leathers that perform well and are durable.

In decorating comfort is king.


Another Texas decorating trend that will continue in 2023 is Texture.  Texas clients prefer hand crafted furnishings that have hand planing as well as texture in their upholstery fabrics.  They like to feel softness and texture.  Velvets have been an upholstery favorite through the years.  Embossed leathers in multiple hues were also strong, offering bright monochromatic color pops that pair well with neutrals and transitional styles.  Vintage rug designs were the inspiration for numerous upholstery introductions.  The heavier weights did double duty in the global trends category.

For this client we used embossed leather mixed with a mohair seat.


A pop of Color is a trend that will continue in 2023. Most Texans like a splash of color in their rooms.  Whether it is blue, orange or red, color helps the room come to life. All hues of blue upholstery remain popular in 2023.  Complementary patterns and stripes in bright blues also remain popular as does orange. All colors of blues and oranges remain popular at the Markets.


This client wanted comfort and style with a splash of color.

Decorating Style Southlake Texas


Function is very important in Texas.  People want to put away warm throws in the summer and like to have beautiful and functional chests or trunks to put them in. Everyone loves a desk that is functional and looks good, too.  A high chest for linens is much nicer than just a closet.  Functional furniture is very popular in Texas.

Decorating Style Southlake Texas

A functional stylish chest with great storage.


Styles range from the very modern to Old World traditional and everything in between.  Some people love the rustic “Cowboy” style while others want a formal, more aristocratic look.  All of these styles can be done well and look good in your home.  If you choose a professional interior designer who will work around “your style” and not his style, you will end up happy with your dream home.


As you can see from this blog, Texans like to be individuals in their homes, in their styles and in their comfort.  Please read this two part blog on redecorating your Texas home.

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