One of the things we noticed at the 2016 DallasTotal Home & Gift Market was the many different finishes on the accessories.  There were many different metallics used in accessories and brass was shown in many showrooms.

The wall art below displays shining fish of all different shapes and sizes.  They were at the Phillips Collection and can be bought individually. 


New brass accessories are done in a tasteful manner and never completely went out of style, even though they seemed to disappear from stores. Please note the brass figurines which were found sitting on the edge of a shelf at Global Views


Brass is made from zinc and copper and has been around for a long time (since about 1400 B.C.) but is now done in a much more tasteful and understated way.  Most brass pieces today are left unfinished.  They no longer have that blinding yellow glossiness that you once saw on brass pieces.  The brass items today are either clean and modern, or unlaquered with a gorgeous patina and an antiqued look.  

We saw table lamps, wall mirrors, whimsical sculptures and artsy candleholders, all made of brass at the Dallas Market.  We also saw some brass chairs, bar stools and lighting.  If you add a brass chandelier or sconce to your room it will add richness without taking away from the other items in the room.

Here are 3  different trends we noticed in Decorative accessories.  They all have 1 thing in common.  Mother Nature or Back to Nature Themes.

1.  Island Paradise–  Bringing your favorite fashion beach vacation home to stay.   This trend is a great accent via embroidered palm-leaf pillows or boldly embraced with a tropical pattern on the walls. Touches of natural wood add organic warmth and sentiment.

Below you can see some interesting table top accessories that can even hold something you picked up at the beach or other interesting items of your choice.


2.  Vintage Glam–  Lush, tropical motifs grounded in Old World charm. This trend is inspired by the Charles Dickens novel, “Great Expectations”.  This is a great holiday look because it focuses on natural elegance with hints of vintage glamour.  Greenery and Mixed Metals help add a bit of wonder to this mostly organic look.

Below is a beautiful preserved floral from Fosters Point.  


3.  Arboretum– This new trend is the embodiment of the outside being brought in.  Nature-inspired pieces such as handmade pottery, moss-covered accents and mix and match botanical prints are trending.  Do not be afraid to combine your greens and keep your walls and furniture soft and natural.

One of the showrooms which displayed the natural elements was Verona Prive Maison and was opened by a former fashion designer.  There were gorgeous tables, bowls and consoles made of natural wood, stone and quartz.  

Quartz was also featured prominently in John Richards 2016 product debut.  A magnificent Quartz Crystal candleholder was 14.75 inches high and was covered randomly in transparent, translucent and milky quartz crystal tips.  There were also quartz covered bowls, bookends, decorative bowls, and art objects.  Each acccessory was one of a kind because of the natural material. 

Below are some preserved plants and grasses from Foster’s Point.





.In the photo below there are several trays, one standing up in back with a smaller tray up in front.  They are as practical as they are pretty and can be used in many ways.

Trays_at_the_dallas_market-347227-edited.jpg2. Pillows

Pillows are a great way to add color and comfort in your room. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and one thing is for sure.  They will add life and style to your room and can be used almost anywhere. The pillows below are different sizes and patterns but they still look cool together.



The shimmering pillows below will brighten up any room and add a stylish elegance to your home.



The wonderful pillow below is done with a mosaic style and is very unique.



Sculptures can be made of many things, such as bronze, metal, wood, stone and other natural materials.  The sculpture shown in the photo below is from Global Views 

.It has a nickel finish and was inspired by a found fragment from a vintage sculpture.  The use of negative space gives this a light feel and a versatility of application. 

This piece comes with different finishes and looks stunning over a fireplace mantle or above a console. See below where we used this sculpture over a client’s fireplace mantle.



4. Candlesticks

These interesting candlesticks can be used in every room.  They come in single candles as well as in doubles and triples and can be interconnected. .  They can be very practical when the electricity goes out.


5. Grouping of Artwork

If you have prints  it really creates an impact if you group them all together.   If you are afraid to do this, hire an interior designer and they can easily do it for you.


6. Beautiful Bowls

Beautiful bowls filled with whatever you choose can really add to your home decor.  If you are more casual, choose limes or any fruit you like. Crystal balls or colored glass balls are a good choice if you are more formal.  Pretty bowls can be left empty or  filled with almost anything.  It is always your choice.


7. Florals     The pretty floral below was from Fosters Point and has preserved leaves. It has neutral colors and will go in any room. Trends_at_the_Dallas_market_2016-505672-edited.jpg

It is always nice to have a flower arrangement in your home.  Flowers look great in your foyer, your dining room, your dinette, in fact, in any room of your home.

To sum it up, there are many great decorative accessory trends at the  2016 Dallas Market.  We didn’t name all of them, such as mirrors,clocks, trays, throws, decorative boxes,and glazed pottery,  If you don’t know where to find unique and unusual accessories, call your Interior Designer. They will have great ideas and sources for you.   Click here to see more trends at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market.