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Learn the ins and outs of buying Designer Furniture.

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We changed this little-used dining room into a conversation room

Buying furniture for your luxury home can be a daunting task.

What does the best price mean? Did you get a great price, but the furniture doesn’t fit right in your home or you don’t like the style or the colors of the furniture? It is not a good deal if you have to keep it for the next 10 years knowing you could have done better. A professional interior designer can you time and money. An ASID professional member will interview you and find out your likes and dislikes. They will ask you questions and listen to you. The best interior designers will listen to your needs and wants and put together the solutions for your home. They will also consider the style of the home, comfort, durability, space planning, and budget. The best designers are also going to help you with the finishing touches like artwork, lighting, accessories, window coverings, and rugs. Proper planning and coordination can lead to the home of your dreams.

Using a professional interior does not have to cost more. Sometimes it will cost less.

An interior designer who buys directly from the manufacturers should be able to pass along good discounts. Most designers do not have high overheads.

How do you find the right interior designer for your project?

Find someone who is a professional with lots of experience, not someone who does it as a hobby. Fine someone who can do any look or style, not someone who does the same look on every job. Study their websites to see if they have more than one look or do they just do what they like. They should also be able to do 3D photorealistic renderings. Find out how they charge. If they just do hourly and buy furniture at a furniture store, they are probably not a good choice. Interview more than one designer and see if they are excited about your project.

Prosper Texas Interior Designer 3D rendering

I designed this 3D rendering to show how we could change this space. The client was able to see the new design elements of the room (new fireplace, ceiling paint detail, lighting, furniture, rug, and accessories.


Value – What you get for what you pay.

Comfort – Find a designer who knows comfort.

Quality – Furniture that is beautiful and will hold up for years to come.

Price – A designer needs to work with a reasonable budget.

Real Design Service – Work with a professional with years of experience.



There is a lot of truth to the saying you get what you pay for, but if you hire the right interior designer you can have a beautiful, comfortable home and still get a great price and avoid costly decorating mistakes.

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