If you are thinking or dreaming about how to redo your Master Bedroom, then here are eight ideas to brighten up your master bedroom.


1.new paint color or a new wallpaper can change your whole room dramatically.  Be sure you use soothing shades or tone-on-tone creams or grays and then add excitment to the room with pillows, rugs and artwork.  Sometimes painting the room will change it to be more soothing and spa-like, especially if you use a soft blue, soft gray-green or blue-gray on the walls.


2.  New linens for your bed will add a nice change to your room as well as a great feeling when you get into bed.   Sometimes a beautiful duvet cover or pretty quilt are the things needed to give the room an extra punch.  Crisp new sheets to match will give the room a new flavor and softness.  Custom bedding can add so much to your room because after all, the bed is the main attraction in the room


3. Have you thought about changing your headboard?  Because upholstered headboards are so popular right now, you may want to think about getting one.  They come in a large range of fabrics and styles and are easy to use with different styles in your room.  They also come in a wide range of budget options.  You will be able to create a softer, more comfortable feel in your room with an upholstered headboard.



4. If you change the lighting in your room it will make a big difference.  You can easily change your light fixture or ceiling fan for something you like better.  Whether you want to go more modern or more traditional, the right lighting fixture can be found.  If you put a ceiling medallion oveer the installation site on the ceiling it will give the whole room a different look.

 Lighting is so important in every room, but especially in the bedroom.  You will want something that can be dimmed, if needed, to give the right ambiience to the room. You may also want to change your bedside lamps to give a new look to the room.  Usually a light shade is best but sometimes a darker shaded light is all you need. 


5. Eliminate all clutter from your bedroom, and especially clutter on your nightstands or dresser. Get rid of the clutter of extra accessories, books, magazines, etc.  Only keep what you really love on your night table. The new look is doing away with an abundance of accessories and only using one or two together.  


6. Another way to spruce up your bedroom is to add some new artwork.  Whether it is over your bed, your dresser or on a side wall, art can do a lot to change the whole look of the room.  There are framed pictures as well as those on canvas.  You can pick from oil paintings, prints, collages, giclees, iron sculptures, glass items, etc. 



7. A new mirror will  add sparkle to your room. There are so many gorgeous mirrors available to homeowners,  They come in all colors, but are especially pretty in silver, copper  or gold.  Adding a bit of sparkle will help add excitement to your room.  Mirrors reflect light and also opens up the space.  You may want your mirror to reflect something beautiful in your room, such as a painting or your new bedding and nightstands,  Mirrored trays are also nice to use on your dresser or nightstands.


8. Do you need a chair or a bench in your bedroom?  If you have a seating area, you are lucky.  If not, put an upholstered bench at the end of your bed.  A special area for seating could be where you read or have a cup of coffee.  It is a good idea to have a place where you can relax and be by yourself.  If your have room for 2 chairs or a romantic chaise, then you can share the luxury of sitting and talking to a special someone.



So here are some ideas for how to change your master bedroom and make it the room you have been dreaming of.

Change your paint color or add wallpaper.

Buy some new linens and new custom bedding.

Change to a new upholstered headboard.  

Change your lighting.  

Get rid of the clutter.

Add some new artwork.

Buy a new mirror to add sparkle.

Add an upholstered chair, bench or chaise to the room.

If you need help in making your dream bedroom become a reality, call a professional interior designer. They have all the sources and knowledge to make your ideas become true.



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