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Many people are undecided about what fabrics and colors to use in their outdoor living area.

You need to use Performance Fabrics in your outdoor living area.

They are the newest thing in interior design in Plano. First, it was stretch denim; now, high-endurance nylon and abrasion-resistant fabrics appear.

This client wanted comfortable seating and beautiful performance fabric blended with their setting.

Durable fabrics

Homeowners want performance fabrics that are very versatile and meant for residential interiors and exteriors. Moreover, it is a design category that is smart and reliable.

The fabrics are durable and beautiful. They are designed for inside and outside use and cannot be affected by mildew, water damage, fading, or stretching. Most importantly, is that they are stain-resistant.


Manufacture design technology into every fabric. As a result, the client will get materials that will last. 

The Martindale test measures durability. This test measures durability by rubbing a piece of fabric with worsted wool to evaluate fading and abrasion. Most importantly, 85,000 Martindale cycles mean the material is very durable.

Choosing the right color hues is also essential when buying your outdoor furniture. Some people want their outdoor furniture to coordinate with their indoor furniture, while others want something completely different.

What we don’t recommend for outdoor furniture is pure white. While we all want to live and enjoy life to the fullest, one of the recent quotes I’ve read “Life is not lived in a white room.”

Of course, there will always be upholstery in brown, gray, and blue, but other colors in your outdoor furniture are also becoming popular. Colors like bright orange, “wine and roses red,” and moody blues are hot colors for outdoor furniture.

Many like to add a pattern and pretty color to their outdoor patio or deck furniture.  In other words, high-performance fabrics make it much easier to have a table in your choice of exciting colors.


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In conclusion, I hope this article has helped you plan your color palette and scheme. It is a good idea to call your professional interior designer to help you find the right colors and fabrics for your outdoor living area.

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