If you focus on Good Value when buying quality furniture in Plano, Frisco, Mckinney or Dallas TX, you will be much happier in the long run. Yes, prices on Furniture have gone up in the last 4 decades but furniture pricing has not kept up with price inflation in other consumer goods.  We are all thankful for that.  


The fabulous dining room shown above has excellent quality in the table, chairs and even the accessories like the beautiful brass candlesticks.  The table top is even more beautiful when seen in person.

High end furniture does have many features and benefits to offer us and there are wonderful new products that we can be proud of.  The furniture industry has a lot to offer and professional interior designers can show you good quality furniture that is made well, and also has style and beauty.

Furniture has a lot to market.  Things like style, color, size, fashion, comfort, longevity, safety, value in furniture can also create a personal warm, comfortable environment for everyone in their ultimate sanctuary which is, of course, their home.

Let’s discuss STYLE.  You may not like the current trends in furniture style.  You should always be true to yourself and pick a style that will make you and your family happy in the long run.  Some people like contemporary styles, others like traditional.  Some like modern while others like country french.  It is important to know what you like and be true to your own style.


 The style of the sofa shown above is modern but it also has a lot of comfort which is very important to most people.  The cushions are made of leather that has been stitched to have a quilted look.  This helps with the style as well as the comfort.



 The traditional sofa shown above has a lot of detail as shown in the nailhead trim  and the diamond-shaped quilted leather.  

If you want classic, timeless designs, hire an interior designer.  If you want items that are made to your specifications, then hire a Plano interior designer.  If you want choices that are picked out just for you and your home, hire an interior designer.

How much does it cost to furnish a luxury home

COLOR is also very important.  Again, it is a good idea to know what colors make you feel good and what you want in your home.  Do not just follow the latest color trends because they will oversatuate the market and go out of style.  If you pick the colors that you like, you will continue to be happy with the colors you have chosen.

SIZE is also an important thing to think about when buying good quality furniture.  Just because a sofa or sectional looks good in a furniture store, it does not mean that it will look good in your home. Some furniture will be too large.  Other pieces may be too small and dainty to go with the rest of the room.  It is important for your interior designer to have a floor plan to help you know what size furniture will go in your room.

FASHION goes along with STYLE and means different things to different people. It may be fashionable to be very colorful but you want a more sedate, neutral palette for your home.  Or vice versa, you may love color, but fashion suggests you have an all white palette. 


The magnificent chair above personifies style and beauty.

COMFORT is important to almost everyone and brings value to your home.  You want seating that is comfortable, whether in the dining room, the living room or the bedroom.  An interior design trend is to use upholstered chairs in the dining room so that guests will be so comfortable that they will want to sit longer at the table and chat.


Did you realize that the nice looking chair above is actually a recliner? Well, it is and it’s all about comfort and relaxing.

LONGEVITY of good quality furnishings means that things will last.  Good furniture that costs more will last longer than cheap furniture that may fall apart.  Of course, you still need to treat good furniture with care. 

Another thing that concerns people when buying quality furniture is SAFETY.  The fabrics have been tested for their durability and the artisan craftsmen who put the furniture together have experience in their craft.

There are other things that contribute to good quality furniture but we can’t go into detail at this time.  If you still have questions and live in the Dallas TX area, please call us (469-269-3625) and ask for Michael Foran, ASID professional interior designer.  


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