Game rooms are a great place to bring family and friends together to have fun.

 Some people are putting in game rooms to counterbalance the dehumanizing effects of high technology.


This home shuffleboard table was seen at the Ambella Home Collection at the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market.  It has beautiful detailing on the sides and is made with good quality craftmanship. 

Your personal style and your favorite games to play should be thought about and listed.  Make sure you include games that everyone will enjoy, the young and the old.

You may want to soundproof your space.  Added insulation, sound panels and upgraded framing may help to decrease the noise level.

Add a scoreboard and a place to keep the pool sticks as wall accessories.  A giant scrabble board is a neat way to accessorize the wall in your game room. If you are a bicyclist, you may want to display a bike on the wall.  If you love a sports team, you may want to add posters and hats from your favorite teams.  

Choose furniture pieces such as ottomans, stools or chairs that can move around the room easily.  That way guests can pull up a chair wherever they like.  These should be good quality furniture pieces that will withstand lots of usage.

.You may also want to have a regular game table if there is room.  You can use it for rounds of poker or for family board games.  A quality Dart board is also lots of fun.

A good quality, solid pool table is an essential piece for the game room if you play pool or want to learn.  Most game tables need anywhere from 3 to 5 ft additional space around them. A fully stocked bar or a bar cart is also nice to have.

The pool table below was seen at Design Directions.  Notice the nice-looking spectator bench in the background.  It is made taller so that people can see what’s going on and see who makes the best pool shots.


Do you also want a television in your game room?  This can be tricky because of limited seating.  It is nice to have a bistro table with high bar stools so your guests can better see what is going on- at the pool table as well as on the television. It is good to place the tv on a higher place on the wall, so everyone has a good view.

Good lighting is needed so that people can play darts, ping pong or pool and make the right moves.  The pool table should be under the glow of adequate task lighting as well as ambient lighting for the rest of the room.

To personalize your game room is very important.  We’ve seen game rooms with posters and memorabilia from Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and even Bicyling.

The photo below shows some Bicycle Art which adds fun to a gameroom wall. This was seen at the  Phillips Collection. 


Here are some things to think on and dream about for your gameroom. These are extra additions that you may want to add, such as gaming games,( such as Texas Hold-Em), putters and golf balls, mini basketball hoop, tv area with seating, bar with small refrigerator, pool table, Dart board, shuffleboard, juke box and arcade games. 

Below is a foosball table that is beautifully decorated with nailheads and stencils.This was shown at Ambella Home at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market and is called the Elegant Scroll Foosball Table. 


You and your family and friends can make a lot of great memories in the game room of your dreams.  Make it happen by calling a professional interior designer now.