High End Home Furnishing Color combinations for 2016 were varied, but had one thing in common.  Many customers wanted something that was tranquil and calming for their home.


Color combinations in furnishings went from the ever popular neutrals to some colors that were above cultural and gender norms.  For example, soft pinks are trending as well as soft blues.


 Pink is a color that displays luxury and has the lively energy and excitement of the Art Deco period. It is being used with black and grays and is restrained and refined.  A soothing pink will calm down the other soft colors in a room, such as gray or soft blue.

Yellow is a color that portrays happiness and sunshine.  If you think of the warmth and look of light streaming in a window in the morning, you will appreciate the feeling a mellow yellow can give you.  Yellow pairs nicely with many colors, such as green, blue, brown or even gray.

Sophisticated neutrals are popular using a more intense color such as green as a backdrop and/or accent color. Green goes well with many neutral colors, such as white, beige, gray, and others.

Dark teal is very versatile and can be used with fresh whites as well as with rich dark woods.  

All shades of blue continue to be popular and go well with grays and lavenders. Blues help give you the feeling of calm, serenity and confidence.



Even though calming colors seem to be trending, there is still a desire for unexpected combinations.  Purple and gray, purple and pink,-both team up beautifully with deep chocolate and gilt frames.

Classic colors such as soft whites continue to be popular. The whites seem to make us feel good and are fresh and soothing.  White is a design essential.  It is powerful and polarizing.  It continues to be a popular choice in many homes.

Here are some of the top colors in Mens and Womens fashions in 2016.                 Rose Quartz, Buttercup Yellow, Lilac Gray, Iced Coffee, Green Flash, Snorkel Blue and Peach Echo.  

The colors for 2016 are tranquil and calming and rise above cultural and gender norms. They are interesting and provocative. 

   The difference in high end furnishings is in the details.  The upholstery furnishings are using nail head trim, strategic button accents and unexpected sheen in fabrics and finishes to elevate the style of the product. This is what high-end furnishings mean.

Chairs and ottomans that are bejeweled with studs, both silver and brass/gold tones make for a high end look.  Shimmer appeared in frame finishes as well, adding a touch of luxury to understated silhouettes.  Creative finishes on case goods is trending. 

  Color combinations for high end home furnishings include gorgeous greens, amazing blues and soft pinks to add interest to a more neutral palette.  But remember, in high end furniture the difference is always in the details.