High end traditional furniture is enduring and beautiful.


It is ageless quality furniture and has a good reputation.  It is made for an elegant and beautiful home with the range of furniture offered by luxury furniture manufactures. There is quality furniture from every country including Great Britain, France, Germany, as well as many other countries.


Traditional furniture means any style that has endured over the years. It can be Classic European or American furniture.  Sofas and chairs can have a lot of detail or they can be simpler.  They can have carving and detail or they might be simpler like a lawson sofa.


Luxury traditional furniture can be formal or casual.

On the formal side, styles usually emulate furniture periods of the past like Classic European or American 18th Century. High end traditional furniture will be made by artisans using age-old techniques. Some pieces are replicas of European Antiques. These are styles that are usually defined by architectural details and beautiful woods like cherry, walnut and mahogany. Pieces may have crotch mahogany veneers with cross banding and satinwood inlays.


 High end dining room furniture

This beautiful Empire Style dining table has exotic cerejera and rosewood with inlays in pear, maple and boxwood.



Causal traditional furniture is a less formal version of aristocratic styles and has distressed, painted or mottled finishes. Styling is simplified and finishes are distressed with an aged old quality. There are several great manufactures in the USA that are making beautiful bench-made hand crafted furniture.


This is a casual traditional 102″ tall cabinet featuring hand carved leaf motif on top molding.

Traditional high end furniture is furniture that can become an heirloom and be passed down from generation to generation. The importance of a beautiful home and comfortable living is necessary because it provides an environment for inspired living.  A professional interior designer can help you have the home of your dreams using their creativity and your style .Whether your style is high end traditional or modern  or contemporary, a designer can help you have the home that is just right for you.