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Setup your Home Office for Function and Style

A lot of people are working from home and that number is only going to increase. A home office above all else needs to be functional. The problem is that everybody’s job is different.  This blog is going to show the same Home Office setup in 3 different ways. These CAD photos will show how you can set up your home office to match your job and your personality. 

1. Serene and Sophisticated Home Office

The above office is for the person who wants and needs a peaceful place to work, free of clutter and distractions. This person also wants to express them self with a sophisticated environment. This setup would be great for the person that does most of their work on the computer.

2. Project Driven Home Office


The above office is for the person that is project driven and needs to be very organized. This concept is to use magazine holders for each project. Each magazine holder will hold a project and is easily accessed. The project can be pulled out one at a time and easily put away. This is far simpler than using a file cabinet. The day of the large desk and credenza are gone. I find the best way to design an office for someone is to ask them how they work and design around that.


3. Occasionally used Home Office & Den


Some people occasionally work from home, but they still need a good place to do their work without having to have a dedicated office. The above room shows plenty of space to work and also a great place to relax and watch TV.

Please contact me if you need help designing  your home office.

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