Cinema Tech is an expert in home theater design near Dallas TX.

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We visited with Matt Denton and Anna Gmurowska who work at Cinema Tech, the luxury home theater experts.  Their philosophy is that since no two theater rooms are alike, each home theater must be custom designed from top to bottom.

Not only should your home theater room look good, it must also sound as beautiful as it looks.  This is where your interior designer can help you make it beautiful and CinemaTech can make it perform up to your expectations.

Your professional designer and the people at CinemaTech can create, invent, design and enhance your room to make it something truly exceptional. The photo below shows a Home Theater that has a beautiful wood ceiling that will help with the sound as well as be very pretty. The fabric on the walls also helps with sound. 

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Here are some of the things your interior designer and CinemaTech can help you with:

  1. carpet
  2. custom columns
  3. motorized custom curtains
  4. sconces and special lighting
  5. fiber optic ceiling
  6. step lights, if needed
  7. custom cabinetry
  8. recliners, sofas, or other seating
  9. crown molding
  10. high bar with granite countertop

These are just a few things that a professional interior designer can help you with for your home theater room.  It will be designed around YOU and will be created with excellent performance and timelessness in design.



Everything is important in designing your audio-video room. All 6 parts of the room should be planned out by your interior designer and your home theater expert. The most important thing is not to have to turn the volume up and down when watching a movie.  The sound should be even.  These ideas were implemented and explained at Cinema Tech in Addison, Texas. They even had us go into a nicely designed theater room and watch the movie “SeaBiscuit”.  The sound was amazing and you could hear the words clearly even though the background of the horses racing was very noisy.

The photo below shows carpeting that helps with sound, wall panels that help keep the sound in the room and 2 types of seating. There are lounge chairs as well as recliners.

Home Theater Dallas TX 4.jpg

How do you achieve perfect sound in your home theater room? Two things are very important.

1.  You need fabric backed panels or batting with fabric.  This requires precise measurements, and

2. A track-based system that is built on site where the fabric can be easily removed and replaced without affecting acoustics,

You would need to use acoustically transparent fabrics, not silk or velvet.  You can test fabric for acoustic properties by holding fabric up to the light to see if light shines through or by breathing through the fabric to see if air comes out on the other side.

What is sound isolation?

1. it prevents sound from coming thru the walls,              

2. you need to soundproof the room so sound won’t escape

3. you need to treat every outlet to be sure sound won’t escape

Entry Level Solutions to help get better sound

1.  Putting 2nd layer of drywall using “green glue”–you add mass by doubling up on sheet rock

2.  “Mass-loaded” vinyl barres  “Acoustablock”  so it will stop sound

3.  Most effective solution is to build 2 walls, one in front of the other, to physically separate (decouple) the sheet rock

4.  Seal off the weakest areas–the outlets, the light switches, the air conditioning return and all doors and windows

A big Thank You to Matt and Anna for hosting us today.

The next blog will be on Home Theater Trends