CAD (computer aided design) is a great way to to help clients visualize their space.

 CAD is 3D Rendering that produces photo realistic images of a client’s room. We use computer aided design because it help our clients visualize their rooms. CAD is good in that it can give you a photo realistic idea of what the room will look like finished. Below are some photo realistic CAD photos of rooms that I have designed.

This CAD presentation was put together to show my client how we could change her living room into a conversation / music room. We were also able to show the client lighter paint color and simpler drapery treatments. This presentation also included fabric boards, floor plans and a PowerPoint Presentation. This makes it easy for the client to know what the end result will be.

I designed the above narrow dining room with floor to ceiling mirrors on the wall to the left. This CAD photo lets you see the effec the mirror has in doubling the size of the room

This work at home office  is designed to create a serene working space. The CAD photo allows  the client to see if the end results are what they envisioned.

The CAD photo above shows how a large hallway can be changed into an art gallery.

Game Room Bar Design

Computer aided design can also be a great tool  when working on a remodeling project.The above photo shows how a plain room can be remodeled into a Sports Game room by adding a built-in entertainment unit, furniture and a coffered ceiling. CAD can be used to show the changes to a floor plan in a remodeling project. This is great when taking out walls and opening up a space. You can also see how the furniture fits before you start the project.

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