What style do you and your spouse want in your home?

“How can my spouse and I agree on a interior design style?” is a question that designers run into all the time. Sometimes couples do not agree and  do not like the same styles of furniture.. There are so many different styles to choose from that deciding on the right one may be hard to do.  That is where a professional interior designer may be able to help you.
The room above could please the spouse that wants traditional warmth and comfort, while pleasing the other spouse who wants bright accents and contemporary artwork.
If you work with an interior designer, they can give you the guidance you need to make the tough design decisions that will make both of you happy.  After all, what you want to end up with is a great looking home that is comfortable for everyone.  One of the most important jobs of an designer is to help guide you through the decision making process.
A professional Interior Designer can be a mediator and offer solutions that will make everyone happy. Couples need to decide together how they want their home to look.  It is a special talent to combine styles and one that an experienced designer will have.
When you are mixing different design styles, you must blend styles for him and her.  This is easier said, than done.  Here are 4 things to remember when blending styles.
1.  Focus on your similarities.  What colors do you both like?  Focus on that first.  Then find out what you have in common as far as design styles.
2.  Prepare to be patient with each other.  There isn’t just one design style that is right so both styles must blend together.
3.  Choose a limited color palette.  Repeat the same colors throughout the room to bring the various styles and items in the room together.
4.  Mixing design styles is much easier if you work with a professional.  They will give you the guidance you want and make it much easier on both of you.  And, most importantly, you will end up with a beautiful room.
When one person wants Contemporary and the other person wants Traditional, the two styles can be combined.  However, the design has to be just right.  In the photo below, you can see some traditional elements as well as some contemporary items.  This made the homeowners very happy because their two interior design styles were combined and the result was a magnificent room.

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