How do I Decorate my New Dallas TX Home – Part 4-the Kitchen and Dinette

Decorate my Kitchen and Dinette Plano TX

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This client wanted a light stylish kitchen and stylish casual dinette.

What are the most important furnishings that you would need to decorate your kitchen and dinette in your new Dallas Texas Home?  In this blog we will discuss furniture, windows, lighting and wall decor.

1.  The furniture needed would be the right sized table, chairs, kitchen island, barstools, china, console, and cabinets.

There are many sizes and shapes of tables and you need to have a floor plan to see what size is right for you.  Also, many tables can open up with 1 or 2 leaves and become much bigger.  There are round tables, oval tables, square tables, rectangular tables and even triangle shaped custom tables that are made for booths.

Kitchen Islands also come in many sizes and some come with the house.  Others can be built or purchased and sometimes are on wheels.  Some kitchen islands come with storage cabinets below and others have built in microwaves in them.

Decorate my Kitchen and Dinette Plano TX

3D rendering of Contemporary Kitchen

For this new home we used two islands.

2.  What size table would be right for the room and what shape should it be?

The best answer for this question is to draw up a floor plan and then put the table in the floor plan.  This will help you know whether there is room for the table as well as room for the chairs.

You can also use a simple banquette bench to provide more seating in your dinette area.

You can use a rounded banquette bench with an oval-shaped table.  If you have a table that you want to use, hire a professional interior designer to design a banquette that will follow the table lines for optimal seating and movement.

A dining booth can be designed for you that is perfect for conversation and relaxation.  This is a very good way to utilize a corner or space.  The cushion benches will add a sense of comfort.  A pedestal table, without legs on the corners, makes it easy to get in and out of the booth.  Most banquettes provide seat cushions but you can also have even more comfort by using back cushions that are mounted to the wall. This will make everyone cozy and comfortable.

3.  How many barstools can you use at your counter and how tall should they be?

There are 2 sizes of barstools:  counter height as well as bar height.  You need to be sure of what size is right for your counter.

Barstools can be swivel or stationary.  Some have arms while others are armless.  They come in many styles as well as in many materials, such as wood or iron.  Leather seats are popular in barstools.

4.  What feeling or style do you want to have in your Kitchen and eating area?

Most clients want this area to be less formal and more casual and homey.  They want to have a cozy eating area where you can eat a fast breakfast or a grab a piece of  pizza.You can use neutral colors with a mix of textures to give a cozy feel to your dinette area..

Interior design can improve your life with Organization

This is a 3D rendering of a kitchen for one of my clients.

Lighting in the kitchen should be bright but in the dinette you will want it to be a little more subtle.  Small lamp sconces will provide subtle light and give the dinette are a nice feeling.  If you want a small chandelier it makes a nice choice for over the table.  Pendants are a good choice for over the island.

5.  Rugs are very important in the family eating area.

They need to be the right size so that all the chairs can rest comfortably on all 4 legs. If you add a nice neutral or pretty colorful rug under your kitchen area dinette table, it will give the whole area a cozy and warm feeling.

6.  Window Treatments are important to have in the Kitchen/Dinette area,

but they do not need to be heavy or frilly.  In fact, a top window treatment is the best thing to use in a kitchen or dinette are.  Cornices and valances are often seen in these areas of the home.


I like to develop creative solutions for my clients to help improve their lives. If you have a room in your house that is not being used, let’s talk and find a way to make it one of your favorite rooms.

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