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How do I Decorate my New Luxury Dallas TX Home – Part 1

How do I decorate and furnish the foyer in my new Dallas Texas home is a question that is on many new homeowners’ minds.  The foyer is the first area that people see when they are visiting your home. Therefore, you want to make it nice and show your home “style” as well as make people feel comfortable and welcome.


There are certain things that every foyer needs.

1.   wallpaper or paint.
2 .  artwork and accessories
3.   a rug at the doorway
4.   lighting
5.   furniture


Do you prefer wallpaper or paint?  Whatever you choose, be sure it will coordinate with the rest of your house.  Remember, your foyer sets the stage for the rest of your home and also makes a statement about your style and personality,  Be sure to make a good impression.


You can create a focal point in your foyer with a beautiful picture or gorgeous mirror.  Be sure to hang them so the center is at eye level.  If you have room for a large picture over your door, it will be seen from other rooms and maybe even from the upstairs area.



Such as a magnificent floral or pretty vase that is filled with fresh flowers are always nice in a foyer.  Photo frames with family pictures lend a touch of interest and personality to the foyer.

Decorative boxes, exciting picture frames, aromatic candles, interesting sculptures, and beautiful trays all add interest.

When placed on a foyer table or console.  Be sure NOT to place too many items on the consoles or tabletop or you will get a cluttered look.  Beware of too many accessories in one spot,


Rugs are very important in a foyer because they not only add beauty but are also very practical.

Did you know that some rugs become more expensive as they age?  That is because Persian and oriental rugs are made of wool (and sometimes silk) and will last forever.  A wool rug will take dirt and shed it off just as a sheep does.

Every foyer needs a nice rug.

Usually a 4 x 6 is a good size to use.  However, in very large foyers we have sometimes had to use 5 x 8 rugs or even 8 x 10’s.  The rug can be any style or design depending on what style you want to keep throughout your home.

Lighting can be simple or elaborate.

It is nice to have a ceiling light or chandelier in a foyer.  It is also a good idea to have a pretty lamp on the console.  Today chandeliers come in so many styles that you are sure to find one that is just right for you.

Furniture in a foyer is important but should not be overdone, that is, it should not be crowded.

For example, you need to have plenty of room for your guests to take off their coats, hats, gloves, etc. It is nice to have a mirror in the foyer so that guests can look in the mirror after they come in from outside.  And below the mirror, a wonderful console table would be nice, too.


A foyer table, console, bench, chair, pedestal, coat rack, or chest are all furniture items you might use in a foyer.  Of course, these items all come in various styles.  Choosing the style you like is very important because it will continue throughout your home.

A foyer table can be round, oval, or rectangular.  A round table will be especially nice if the foyer is square or has an odd shape.  Consoles are great to use under artwork or mirrors.  A bench or chair is nice so guests have a place to sit down before they enter the rest of the home.  A pedestal with an amazing sculpture or beautiful vase is a good way to showcase your style.  A chest can be handy to keep keys or door openers in.

In summary, your foyer decorating is important because it will set the stage for the rest of your home and makes a statement about your style and personality,  You will want to make a “good impression” on your guests.

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