Decorate my Master Bedroom McKinney TX

This is a decorating guide on “How do I Decorate my New Dallas TX Home”. Part 3 – The master bedroom

 We are doing a series of blogs, each one showing a plan on how to decorate or design a different area of your Dallas area home.

Decorate my Master Bedroom McKinney TX

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Always start with the basics and that means: What is the most important part of the room.?

1.  The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed.

What size bed will be in the room?  Will there be 2 twin beds, 1 queen bed or a big King sized bed?  This is very important because you will need to know how much space will be left for nightstands, a bench or chair or a tv console or armoire.

The bed can be as simple or elaborate as you like.  The style of the furniture will play a big part in how the entire room will look and feel.  Upholstered headboards that come in various fabrics and styles are now popular.  There are also four-poster beds, which can be traditional or modern.  Brass beds are available as are custom built options that can be whatever you can imagine.

2.  Next comes the other furniture in the bedroom.

The other furniture in the room could be nightstands, a dresser or chest, a tv console or entertainment armoire or some upholstered furniture.  One of the recent bedrooms we  designed had an electronic charging center in one of the chests.  Many people want to have a bench or loveseat at the end of their bed to put the decorative pillows on at night. We have used beautiful chaises in some bedrooms and a pair of comfortable chairs in other rooms. Whatever you choose to have in your bedroom, you will want it to be pretty and very comfortable.


3.  Then you need to address the extras in the room, such as rugs, accessories, artwork, lamps, sconces and window treatments.

If you have a wood floor in the bedroom, a decorative rug will keep your feet warm when you get up in the night.  There are many exciting rugs available both in traditional and contemporary styles.

Accessories can be things such as candleholders, a vase of flowers, picture frames and decorative clocks. Artwork can be framed or can be wall sculptures.  Lamps can be  placed on nightstands or on dressers.

4.  Bedding is another important item in the bedroom.

Whether it is a bedspread, a duvet, a comforter or a quilt, it needs to be the right style and color.  Pillows can make a big impact also.  Often clients want a more neutal bedspread and then they can add bright and exotic pillows to the mix.

In summary, before you can decorate your new master bedroom, you will need a floor plan that includes the furniture layout, the fabrics, the furniture pieces, draperies, rugs and accessories.  It is also important to  show the different furniture pieces you want to have in the room and exactly how much room you will need to get around in the room comfortably.  Then you will know how much space you will have around the bed to walk and to put extra pieces of furniture.  The furniture, the rugs, the accessories, the artwork, the lamps, and the bedding and draperies are all important parts of the master bedroom. A good professional interior designer will be able to help you with all of these things.

I like to develop creative solutions for my clients to help improve their lives. If you have a room in your house that is not being used, let’s talk and find a way to make it one of your favorite rooms.

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