There are many luxury homes in Frisco TX that need updating.

There are a lot of beautiful luxury homes in the southern part of Frisco and Plano that are 15-25 years old and need remodeling and redecorating.

Styles change and home owners want a new fresh look for their home. Traditional exteriors are still the favorite, but some people are wanting a lighter transitional interior.  Some home owners are just wanting to freshen up the interior with paint, artwork and accents. Others are wanting to completely remodel and redecorate their interior. 

Some of the questions we get on how do I update my luxury home are “Do I have to replace all my furniture or can I mix some old with new pieces”  Yes, you can mix the new with existing pieces. If done correctly it can be a beautiful artsy look. You might add a chair in a bright color, some pillows and contemporary artwork (see below) to an existing traditional sofa.



Another question we hear is “If I want to update my home, do I have to replace my kitchen cabinets”

No, a lot of luxury homes have beautiful cabinets that can be carefully painted in an off white, for example.. If you add a new granite or quartz counter top and new appliances,  you will have a new kitchen without spending a fortune.

The most important part of a remodeling or redecorating project is to have a detailed plan, a budget and work with a professional interior designer. That way your color choices will all be coordinated.




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