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How to update your home from dark and dated to light and modern.

I am getting a lot of requests from people about how they can update their home furnishings and interior design in their homes. There are a lot of homes that have dark gold/brown paint throughout their home. Their furniture is also dark and elaborate. Old World was the fad 15 years ago, and people are tired of it. They tell me they want to lighten up their homes and have a cleaner look.

After photo of updated living room

After the photo of the updated living room

Below are some CAD (computer-aided design) photos of the same room. The before photo is what I see in a lot of homes. You can see the results in the after photo.

Updated living room

Make your home more functional

While you are updating your home why not make it more functional? Maybe a wine lounge, a conversation room, or a reading room. Most living rooms do not get used, so why not turn it into a functional fun room? We like to come up with creative solutions for our clients.

The BEFORE PHOTO below shows a typical living room I see when I go out to help people with their homes.

In the after photo you can see that we repainted, changed the window coverings, and changed the furniture. Some people tell me they want to keep some of their furniture. As you can see from the photos it would be hard to accomplish the look they want without new furniture.



The above room is set up to be a conversation room. It is a great place to sit with friends and sip a glass of wine. Because of the lighter colors, this room will have a different feel to it. It is also easier to see in a room with light colors, which makes this a good reading room.

In the next blog, I will discuss what changes you need to make to your home to give it a new home look.

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