Where is the best place to find high end luxury furniture?

Traditional luxury furniture is hard to find in a furniture store.  A lot of the best lines are available through professional interior designers.


High end luxury Italian dining room table

 What is high end traditional furniture?

High end traditional furniture will have beautiful finishes, exotic veneers, premium hardwoods and enduring styling. Upholstered pieces will be comfortable, well-made and have enduring styling. Each piece is hand-crafted and will have tremendous attention to detail.

If you do work with a professional interior designer, you will have infinite possibilities and unlimited attention to detail from them. 

If you want high end traditional luxury furniture then you also want class, comfort and durability.  You want your high end furniture to be the perfect complement to any room in your home.

Your interior designer will offer you a large choice of beautiful fabrics on your high end upholstered pieces.  An interior designer can help you choose a magnificent fabric or luxurious leather that will look great on your custom furniture. They will pick out exquisite trims, fringes, nailheads and beads to accessorize your custom furniture. They will also have a large selection of high quality wood pieces from around the world. 

There are so many short cuts being taken by lower quality manufactures to keep the price down, like spraying the finish and the stain on in one process. This is like painting the piece and will hide the grain of the wood and make it easy to chip.

Whether you are looking for upholstered pieces or wood pieces it is best to get expert help from your interior designer. They know what is quality and what is not. You don’t want to have to buy it twice. You will never grow tired of traditional luxury furniture.


 High end sofa with silk pillows



One thing is for sure.  If you want to have high end luxury traditional furniture in your home, find a good ASID interior design professional.  They can help you have the look and quality and comfort that you want in your home.  
































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