There are many ways that Interior Design can improve your life and make you comfortable.

Have you heard the saying “Comfort is King”?   Well, it is true.  Many people want to have a comfortable chair, a comfortable sofa, a comfortable recliner and a comfortable bed.  They want to relax and be stress free in their home.  They want their home to be their special “retreat”.

Comfortable chair (2) This down filled leather chair is very comfortable.

Your home interior can affect how you feel.  Interior Design is not just about making your home beautiful. There is much more to it.

These are some of the things that affect your home and can improve your life:  function, space planning, comfort, organization, color, safety, lighting, romance, personal identity, and entertainment.

In this series of blogs we will discuss how each one of these can improve your life.  

Comfort can improve your life by letting you relax after coming home from work or after a long day shopping for the kids.   

It is so important to have good comfortable furniture in your home.  Here is a quote from Margo Fraser, a kinesiologist and ergonomics consultant in Calgary, Alberta:

“When people decorate their homes, it’s all about what looks good, fits in the space, matching colors, with no thought to how it will impact their body.  And then they mistakenly attribute their pain and discomfort to getting older or an exercise injury, when it’s really their furniture.”


Finding comfortable furniture may be hard to do because it is not the same for everyone.  Some people love to sit in seats made of down.  Other people like a seat that has more firmness.  Your interior designer will ask you a lot of questions to find out what is the right seat filling for you.  This is especially important when choosing a recliner or sofa.

 Did you know that a deep sofa can be good for a tall person and a short person?  A deep sofa is great to get up on and curl up.

The below down filled theater seating is a great way to watch a movie if you stay awake.

Sports fan theater seating

Good home furnishings decisions include buying long lasting comfort in sofas and chairs.  This can be obtained by choosing pieces with good construction that include:  hard wood frames, 8 way hand-tied spring down seating and fabrics that feel great to the touch.  Good quality sofas and chairs will give you years of comfort and that will improve your life.  


Custom bedding can also add comfort and luxury to your master bedroom, Down filling and luxurious fabrics will add comfort to your life. A cozy down filled chaise in your bedroom is a great place to escape and relax.


There many other ways that comfort can improve your life, like a great sitting desk chair.



Having dining chairs that you can sit comfortably in for hours with your family or friends will definitely improve your life.

Comfortable dining chair


Remember that interior design is not just about making your home beautiful.  It is also about making you feel comfortable in your home.  In this series of blogs we will discuss how space planning, organization, color, safety, lighting and personal identity all play an important part in the interior design of your home

There are many other ways that  interior design can improve your life. Give us a call and we will see how we can improve your life. 469-269-3625


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