Mirrors can visually expand your room and add excitement.

The CAD photos below show rooms I have designed with mirrors to make the rooms seem larger.

There are two important things to remember when using floor to ceiling mirrors:
In order to get the full effect, the mirror should be from floor to ceiling. If you just put a mirror on the wall you will still see the wall that it is hanging on. You only want to see the reflection.

In a rectangular room, always put the mirror on the long wall. It will visually double the space, so if you have a narrow room and you put it on the end wall , your room will look like a hallway.

The room above is a typical narrow dining room with not enough room for a table and chairs and a buffet. That leaves you with two bare walls. Artwork will work great on one side, but it is too redundant to use on both walls.I designed in a floor to ceiling mirror in the room above. As you can see it will visually double the space. The dining room will feel much more open.

Smaller Projects

This is a narrow dining room turned into a Wine Lounge. In order to get the right feel in this room, I have used a floor to ceiling mirror on the wall to the right. It has the effect of doubling everything in the room (love seats, coffee table, bookcase and chandelier). Even the ceiling and floor will look twice as big.

Interior Design Mirror

The CAD photo above shows an archway that looks like the opening to a living room. Instead, the arch was created with a mirrored back and what you are looking at is the reflection of the living room. This is a great way to add some excitement and drama to a room.

I enjoy coming up with creative solutions for my clients.

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